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Mike’s Daily Podcast Features Constant Coogan

Our very own Constant Coogan was featured on Mike’s Daily Podcast where they shared their pasts as food truck extraordinaires, gondoliers, and theatre heads as well as a look forward to their upcoming EP Bury Me Alive. Click here to listen now!  

June 7, 2016 0

Music Unlabeled Reviews Jules’ Debut EP

As the weeks go by, we find more and more people falling in love with Jules’ debut EP Heart of Armor, and we don’t blame them. Music Unlabeled recently reviewed the 14-year-old rock superstar’s album and were blown away by her mature music style. You can read the whole review right here.

July 28, 2015 0

Battlehooch Talks About “Taking Kate For a Drive”

Just to get you pumped up for the release of their EP Wink that comes out TOMORROW, AJ Mckinley spoke with Antimusic to discuss their song “Taking Kate For a Drive.” You’re probably wondering, who is Kate? Well, read all about who that is HERE!

November 22, 2014 0

Love Life, Love Music Reviews Scribble Victory’s EP

Lewis Fisher of Love Life, Love Music recently reviewed Scribble Victory’s upcoming EP Confidence. If you’re wondering what Fisher has to say, here’s a snippet: “One of the stand out tracks to me is ‘Stalemate’, it’s just such a catchy tune from just a few instruments. The acoustic guitar brings a lot to the table with…
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October 2, 2014 0

Caught in the Carousel Talks ‘Crashing: In Color’ (and… Cats!) with Mark Weber

Caught in the Carousel calls Weber’s latest EP an “energetic burst of passion and grit.” Weber discloses everything from his love of cats to his favorite Muppet right here. Deep.

July 8, 2014 0

Unsigned & Unleashed Captures the Emotion In Mark Weber’s New EP

Weber’s new EP ‘Crashing: In Color’ combines deep lyrics with prominent musical influences, giving “a musical pat on the shoulder to everyone struggling with doubts and anxiety.” Read the thorough review here.

July 1, 2014 0

Absolute Punk Raves about Calamity Jane’s EP

Absolute Punk certainly recognizes talent. Their latest review of Calamity Jane’s EP? “This is all I could ever want from a piece of music.” If you still haven’t heard all the buzz surrounding this band, Absolute Punk’s review will compel you to have a listen.  

June 24, 2014 0