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We are not your typical PR agency. Through a decade of pouring love, sweat, and tears into what we do, we’ve learned that not all artists require the same solution. Which is why we customize every campaign to our artists—offering a unique blend of marketing, management and PR. Our goal is not to just do the work and move on. We care about our artists and our work way too much for that. Our goal is always to make sure you’re well equipped to navigate the (often confusing) music industry and build a career that fits the life you want.

When it comes to setting our artists up for success, release strategy, clever marketing strategies, hype-worthy press, and introducing you to career-changing opportunities and connections…we’ve got you.

You can also email angela (at) muddypawpr (dot) com

We get results. Period.

Ten Two MP Co
"The greatest joy I found in the experience that I have had with MP Co is the all-out effort that has been put into the campaign even though my music was completely unknown at the time; it was not seen as a deterrent, but rather an opportunity by MP Co."
-JB, Musician
Gold Steps
“Angela was really great at getting to know our band, and discussed our personality/brand image thoroughly before we signed on for a campaign. It was great to work with someone so friendly and excited about our music! She reached out to a wide range of outlets to pitch our new single, and was able to incorporate our personal interests into pitches for outlets that we wouldn’t have thought to. We also appreciated her continuing to follow up on interviews and podcasts that were scheduled past the scope of our original campaign.”
Gold Steps