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Wesley David has lived two very different lives, and the only thing that’s held them – and himself – together has been an obsession with music.  Growing up in a self-described ‘Wacky, doomsday Bible cult’, the Singer-Songwriter has relied on a love of all things Rock ‘n’ Roll since a young age as an escape – one which would eventually lead him to become a touring musician in LA.  Influenced at a young age by the alt-rock and pop of the 90s like Oasis, Nirvana and Radiohead, plus classic and prog rock from the Who to Rush, his whimsical, tongue-in-cheek songwriting style was both identity and escape from the often hopeless and frightening world of an Apocalypse delayed.

On his upcoming September 22nd album Never Late Than Better, which was written and recorded during the Covid-19 Pandemic, he synthesizes thoughts and feelings displaced from a life half-lived as a Christian missionary apologist, only to come full circle into the doubt and reluctant freedom of becoming a skeptic and unbeliever.  It’s a journey not without a sense of humor at the unexpected in life, and a playful sense of the absurd.

Touring work after college was in the form of a Piano bar entertainer, where Wes rose to the top of the scene in the Southwest only to realize how much it eventually jaded him.  Across countless shows, he’s opened for K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, performed at Festivals featuring Journey/Steve Miller Band, and played extensively from places as far flung as Dublin to Las Vegas and the Caribbean.  It was a dream job at first for a broke musician.  But touring is exhausting; and the old escape back to the optimistic pop-rock sounds of the 90s still held firm.

Fast forward to the Pandemic, and priorities changed by necessity.  The title of the album is itself an inside-joke referring to the sense of wasted opportunities and years gone by too fast, both due to chronic autoimmune health problems, and performing but not authentically creating.  

Now, Wes is excited and looking forward to a year’s end of live streaming events and full touring for Never Late Than Better in 2021, with venues already lined up.  A little older and wiser, and like the penultimate song on the record in fact speaks to – doing something later than you had wanted is still better than not doing it all.

Never Late than Better releases September 22nd, 2020.

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