One South Lark

Leave your mark on the world

One South Lark’s sound seems to reflect the cultural zeitgeist of their generation: a desire to surf freely on the open ocean while ironically being stuck in the suburban sprawl of the city. The New Orleans indie rock quartet is a band that embodies the youthful nostalgia of their catchy, do-it-yourself backyard pop songs. It is no surprise that the group formed while still in highschool, where they had their first local hit with the single Japanese Soda (2018) and traversed the New Orleans indie rock scene, headlining sold-out venues regularly. The group maintains that bittersweet feeling of longing for summer days with their unique blend of surf rock, folk, and contemporary indie. All of their music is self-produced and self-released, and their upcoming summer 2020 project Vista Beach will be their first full-length album.

New single “On Jupiter Drive” drops May 29, 2020.

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