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Every so often, an artist comes along who speaks right to the heart of his or her listeners; no matter which language they speak. Montreal-based electro-pop/urban artist K-Bust expresses herself fluently in English, Spanish and French while managing to speak three additional languages. Originally from Valparaiso, the cultural and artistic center of Chile, this self-taught musician has transformed from a shy little girl learning to write songs on her grandfather’s guitar into a strong feminist and rising international sensation.

“I grew up listening to pop music in English,” explains K-Bust. “So I’ve always known what style of music I wanted to make, paying special attention to strong women in the music industry. My first female icon was Madonna. She made me realize that I wanted to follow her steps, to be an entertainer.”

K-Bust also credits David Bowie, Depeche Mode and other musical influences from the 70s and 80s pop scene for helping her to develop her own, unique musical style. With powerhouse vocals and soulful lyrics, K-Bust seamlessly blends pop, soul and R&B to create her own distinct sound.

Since 2008, K-Bust has performed live at the Chilean earthquake benefit concert, at World Music Day and at “The Apollo Nights” show, where she shared the stage with Alan Prater, a former Michael Jackson musician and back-up vocalist. Her career really took off in 2009 when she recorded a song by Cirque de Soleil composer, Benoit Jutras.

K-Bust was heavily involved in the creative process of her debut album Urban Stories, released in May 2012. Co-produced with renowned Montreal producer Sonny Black, the album’s 11 strong, authentic tracks gained K-Bust airplay on mainstream radio stations in Chile and college radio stations throughout Canada and the United States.

Never one to shy away from new opportunities, K-Bust spent 2014 in Berlin working with a German music producer on new material and experimenting with her ever-evolving sound.

“This was the beginning of my electro-pop journey,” says K-Bust of her experience overseas.

K-Bust is currently working on the release of her second studio album titled Fearless, which has been produced entirely by Albert Chambers, a Juno award nominated music producer from Montreal.

“I co-wrote every song with my producer, crafting the overall sound of it, telling my personal journey throughout it, my fears, my ghosts and demons.”

For a sampling of her new electronic influences, be sure to check out K-Bust’s first single off of the new album, “Over”, which is set to release next month.

For fans of : Tove Lo, Madonna, Christina Aguilera

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