Drive the Bus

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Drive the Bus

Photo credit: Karen Michael

One of the most fascinating things about New Jersey’s Drive the Bus is that they defy the confines of traditional genres. While one song can be an ode to ‘70s punk rock, the next has a bluesy-rock feel that can’t be denied. It’s no wonder they’ve drawn comparisons to acts as diverse as The Who, Grand Funk Railroad, and The Ramones.

On top of that, they hold a kind of old school ferocity that simply doesn’t exist with emerging bands today. Their relentless tenacity is a force to be reckoned with, and in a society that values Facebook numbers over talent, DTB throws out social norms to make music they love first and foremost. No rules, no restrictions, just a love of music and a desire to show the world everything they’ve got.

Keep an eye out for their single “It’s Alright Out of Sight”, and their May 6th debut album ‘Head of the Class’.

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