National Publicity—Trace Repeat (Oakland, CA) —2017

Leave your mark on the world


In July 2017 Oakland based funk/soul band Trace Repeat obtained Muddy Paw to promote their upcoming album ‘The Oaktown Sound.’ The challenge wasn’t simply to find top outlets to feature the band’s Bruno Mars-esq sound, but to find a way to spread a message they were incredibly passionate about—ending Asian American stereotypes.


To do this, we targeted a mix of music and lifestyle outlets such as Buzznet, MTV, Alternative Press, Vice, and Bay Area outlets such as The Bay Bridged. We promoted each single as it was released, as well as the full album, while always highlighting the deeper message that the band hoped to spread.


Under Muddy Paw PR, Trace Repeat saw premieres and placements on Alternative Press, Cliche Magazine (over 170k followers and 1 million YouTube views) Owl Mag, and a slew of medium to smaller tier outlets such as Indie Minded, Kill the Music, Sound Digest, Musical Notes Global, and more.

Press clippings: