National Publicity—Nominee (Austin, Texas) —2015

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In September of 2014, Nominee retained Muddy Paw PR to develop and execute a strategic public relations campaign around their October 14th release, I Woke Up. This involved personally reaching out to online outlets across the US, and crafting each individual email to the outlet. No two emails were identical. I Woke Up was produced by Anberlin’s Joseph Milligan and mastered by Paul Leavitt (The Used, Hit The Lights, Yellowcard, Senses Fail).


Our strategy was simple but effective. Personally reach out to every single outlet, making meaningful connections with those we approached. We targeted Austin area outlets for local coverage, as well as nationally recognized blogs and radio including Substream, Under the Gun Review, PureVolume, WNYO Radio—all of which were quick to offer their support.


In  addition, during the three months Nominee was under Muddy Paw PR, the band saw:

*Member featured in a viral video with over 680,000 views: 10 Hours Of Walking In Austin As A Hipster

*During the time our campaign ran, they secured opening slots for:

-Anberlin (Final World Tour)



-The Classic Crime

-Artifex Pereo

Since then the band has signed to SmartPunk Records

Press Quotes

“Requiem” is a forthright and truly beautiful opening number from a record ready to turn heads in a scene sorely needing a new breakout act.” – Under The Gun Review

“This is the kind of track it’s easy to imagine being played on a stage at Warped Tour to a crowd who screams the lyrics back to the band….Nominee’s sophomore release proves to be a wonderfully original, well-made addition to the band’s discography. With irresistible style, a dynamic style, and an infectious attitude, Nominee may just be your new favorite band.” –Planet Stereo

Not only is the album gritty, but it is also irresistibly catchy. Amidst all the grittiness, there are well-polished hooks, soaring melodies, and well-written lyrics. The album is rather like that battered and dog-eared novel that you read each year because it is simply impossible not to reread it. It has that battered-and-worn feel to it, as if extremely large amounts of energy, dedication and love had been sunk into the album. This gives I Woke Up a sense of character that many albums seem to lack these days. – Mind Equals Blown

“I’d expect big things to come out of this Texas five-piece and I’d recommend the album to any music lover.” –Unsigned and Unleashed