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“It’s hard to find the words to express the Awesomeness of Muddy Paw PR. The work they do is simply PHENOMENAL! As an independent artist, it’s a tough gig getting my music in front of the world. Before my campaign even began, the ladies at Muddy Paw PR were already working hard for me. Erica D’Aurora is an absolute Rock Star! She handled my campaign. I could instantly tell that she cared about me as a person and an artist. She asked about my goals and made sure that we achieved each one. It seemed like everyday there were interview requests or promotional opportunities to consider. She kept me very busy to the point that I was gleefully almost overwhelmed. What a fantastic feeling as an artist! I also saw growth in my streams, and social media presence. But if that’s not enough, it’s the Above & Beyond that did it for me. Even after my campaign had ended, Erica continued working with me and following up on all of the pending features that remained. She stayed in contact until every last feature was completed and posted. I am so grateful. This has been an incredible experience and I can’t wait for my next campaign with Muddy Paw PR.”-Brandyn Killz

“Sometimes things just seem to line up at the right time. I’ve found that these types of events are hard to come by in the industry. Before our initial conversation was over with the Muddy Paw PR team we knew it just made sense to work together. Erica and Angela were there to do everything possible to help us succeed throughout our campaign. Their involvement aligns and caters to their artists vision. They’re committed to building strong, positive and lasting relationships. Erica provided us with direction when we needed it, engaging content without exception and helped to answer all of the difficult questions both new and seasoned artist inevitably come across. Working with Muddy Paw PR for our debut release was the absolute right choice for Silver Relics and we honestly can’t wait to get started our next campaign with them.” –Alex, Silver Relics

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Muddy Paw. They’re very attentive and consistently responsive during campaigns. This is the most press we’ve gotten to date!” –Shiffley

“Erica D’Aurora and the Muddy Paw PR team were a pleasure to work with! She really took the time to listen to our sound and personalize the outlets she reached out to on our behalf. I would highly recommend working with Muddy Paw, especially as a new artist, as they will help introduce you to fresh ears and great contacts.” – Sleeve Cannon

“Muddy Paw PR is an absolute pleasure to work with! The passion Muddy Paw PR puts forth into the campaign is an inspiration that works as a catalyst to facilitate even more passion within me to push forward even stronger; it is a positivity that cycles back and forth between the two parties and makes the experience well worth the effort. The greatest joy I found in the experience that I have had with Muddy Paw PR is the all-out effort that has been put into the campaign even though my music was completely unknown at the time; it was not seen as a deterrent, but rather an opportunity by Muddy Paw PR. Not only would I recommend Muddy Paw PR, but I absolutely will be working with Muddy Paw PR again on my future musical endeavors!” –Ten Two

“There is so much to say about what Angela did for our band.  As a newer band,  we needed a lot of help just getting our branding straight, and Angela’s in-depth interview process really got us off on the right start by helping us develop our own business plan and also set goals to get us where we needed to go. She wrote us a fantastic bio, and was able to put into words what we had been trying to explain about ourselves but couldn’t. 

Angela really has a way with presenting her clients in a fresh and professional manner. She is able to bring a true honesty to her press releases and the way she words things, plus her kind and fun personality, make writers and other media and music professionals want to cover her stories. 

She worked on our album release as well as our music video release, and really made both projects a success for us. She worked tirelessly to make sure our projects not only only had the right visibility in the right places,  but she  also had impeccable timing with the way she conducted her business strategies. She even coached us along the way with things like networking, social media, and marketing, and really taught us a lot. Not only that, but she was a joy to work with, and was always there whenever we had a question or needed help. We would hire Angela again in a heartbeat, she was worth every penny.” –Constant Coogan

“Angela and Muddy Paw PR were/are fantastic to work with! We have not regretted a single day since hiring them! Angela was incredibly patient with us during the hiring process and worked really well within our small budget.  Within the first day of hiring Angela, she had already brought us eight different opportunities of blogs and publications that were ready to premiere Shadow of Whales music or feature us in articles/reviews!  Angela and her team are always quick to respond if we have any questions and they work really hard to make sure every penny is well worth the spend!  If you’re looking for PR that is reliable and works within your budget then Muddy Paw PR is where you should be going to get it because you won’t find this service anywhere else. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value.”  -Jeremy, Shadow Of Whales

Working with Angela and Muddy Paw was a fantastic experience for us on so many levels. Muddy Paw was able to get our music and our presence out to avenues that we might have never seen organically and put us in front of people in the industry who genuinely care about up and coming artists. With Angela’s guidance we were able to grow as a band and learn lessons about how to interact with press and individuals in a way that we’ve been able to carry with us well after our campaign. Working with Angela was one of the best investments we’ve made as a band and we can’t wait to return for our next release. –HereComeHere

“Great Highway was extremely lucky to work with Angela at Muddy Paw for the release of our newest album. We were impressed by the level of commitment and enthusiasm she showed for our work, and felt that she took care to listen to our individual needs as an artist; there was a sense that she took pains to think of the best strategy for each of her clients. Above all, it was refreshing to work with somebody so communicative, respectful and thorough–all qualities that are hard to come by in the music industry!” –Sarah, Great Highway

“Angela did a great job of narrowing down my long, incredibly detailed life story into a clear, focused, and interesting bio. She was not only quick to respond to my questions and comments, but she was also flexible and helped make sure my vision for the bio came through. I’d definitely recommend Muddy Paw PR to a friend!” – Katie Lott (singer-songwriter)

Muddy Paw is all around fantastic. We couldn’t have been more happy with our campaign! When working with Muddy Paw you will see that they put the most effort into getting you those target markets that fit you as an artist. PR is meant to bring you a consistency to your press out reach, and that is exactly what Muddy Paw did for us! We highly recommend them, and will definitely be using them again. –Dean, The City Sound

“Muddy Paw PR is amazing for the up and coming artist. Angela is great at what she does and we are very much looking forward to working with Angela and Muddy Paw PR in the future.” –The Go Ahead

“When I was planning to release my first EP under a new artist name, I knew I needed to create an entirely new online presence for my music, and that I couldn’t do it alone. It was a daunting task, but luckily for me, I teamed up with Angela. Not only did she hook me up with interviews, reviews, and track-by-tracks on sites big and small, but she kept me updated with our progress every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend her enough to other indie artists. She’s the full package: professional, prompt, and thorough!” –Mikel, Dream Arcade 

“Muddy Paw PR was a pleasure to work with! Fast delivery of artist bios but are wonderfully done. Fully captures the essence of the artist!” –Ashley Xtina

“Angela came recommended by way of a mutual friend. We had just finished recording our new EP, Little Brother, and needed to turn our PR plan around quickly. She helped us target where our PR efforts were best spent; quickly pulling together a hit list of digital media outlets in the New England and NYC areas, in addition to helping use refine our bio and press kit. The results were immediate and impressive. Within the first week of our EP release, we had requests for track premieres, interviews, track-by-track features, a guest blog and more. Without a doubt, Angela was invaluable in helping us get Little Brother off the ground. She went above and beyond the call for us, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for PR help on their next project.” –Martin Stubbs,  Yellabird

Angela Mastrogiacomo of Muddy Paw PR is not only a hard-working publicist and amazing at her job, but she’s also a joy to work with, which is very refreshing!  A lot of publicists seem to have a standard list of contacts for all their clients (no matter what genre), but Angela personalized my campaign for me to gain exposure for my style of music in media that were tailored to me and my goals, and also creative unexpected outlets that opened up my audience to a wider spectrum.  She is easy to get a hold of, very professional and honest, and you can tell that she is working hard for you and has your best interests in mind.  I would highly recommend her PR services to any artist or band, as my experience with her was a great one! Katie Garibaldi (singer-songwriter)

It is an absolute pleasure working with Angela. There is always frequent communication even considering our timezone differences and she always has a good idea of what we need depending on what we are working on.-Anthony, Like Kites