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May 6, 2016

Music Box Pete Shares Thoughts On New Almost Famous Friends Song

“What impressed me most about these guys was their ability to carve out their own individual music identities…and how that sound adds up in the end to create something that is equal parts original and cutting edge.”

Head HERE to check out Music Box Pete‘s take on Almost Famous Friends and their new song “All I Can Do”

June 8, 2014

Good Night Magazine Reviews Calamity Jane’s EP

If you need a motivational boost, listen to Calamity Jane’s ‘We’ll Explain When We Get There.’ GNM calls it “nothing short of pure musical adrenaline.” Dull moments are nonexistent in this punchy EP. Check out the review here, and vote for them to perform at this year’s Warped tour. “They definitely deserve the exposure.”

good night mag