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The Reclusive Blogger Interviews Saint Spicer

“The producer of this song is Born Soul. He actually heard me perform at my first ever concert in Austin.” The Reclusive Blogger interviews Saint Spicer. Click here to read the article.

March 15, 2019 0

Host Bodies Talk Their Growing Vinyl Collections + New Music with The Reclusive Blogger

“Real instruments are a big part of our recording process so we try to incorporate them on stage as much as possible. Of course, we still use computers, pretty much everybody does these days. But electronic music is almost more of a technique for us than a genre, even though we still identify with the…
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January 31, 2019 0

Rändi Fay Sits Down with The Reclusive Blogger to Talk New Holiday Single “Joy Whispered”

“The inspiration for ‘Joy Whispered’ came in a songwriting challenge where I had to choose five words from a list of ten and write a Christmas song using them. Two words really stuck out to me: ‘silent’ and ‘light.’ I don’t think I had considered those two words together before, giving me a fresh image…
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December 13, 2018 0

The Reclusive Blogger Sits Down with Sam Hale

“When I came to Nashville. It’s a little bit more stripped down out here. It’s like it’s back to the basics with drums, bass and guitars.” The Reclusive Blogger recently talked to Sam Hale about his move from Los Angeles to Nashville, how it’s influenced his music, and more. Read the full interview here.

October 23, 2018 0