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September 6, 2018

New Noise Magazine Premieres Sam Hale’s New Single “Supernatural”

Sam Hale Supernatural premiere New Noise

“’Supernatural’ by Sam Hale is an indie tune rolling through a decadent and colorful dream. The layers are smooth, bringing forth a natural ambience with the soft synths propelling through the song’s beat. This song’s catchy rhythm is all thanks to the gracious sway of the atmosphere. The progressions are easy to follow, the melodies easy to remember and a soft vocal inflection keeps this song keeping a steady groove.”

Sam Hale premieres “Supernatural,” the first track from his upcoming EP Somewhere Between Love & War, exclusively on New Noise Magazine. Check it out here.

March 2, 2016

SINGLE PREMIERE: Mind Equals Blown Shares Juliet K’s “All Unforgivable Things”

Photo credit: Andrew Piccone

Today, Mind Equals Blown premiered the title track from Juliet K’s upcoming album, All Unforgivable Things. Head over to MEB and listen to the single here!

“All Unforgivable Things is ultimately two years of my life. These songs come from a transitional time and a place in myself almost before conscious thought. They were never intended to be “sad” songs, but a lot of them have ended up being about alienation, about trying and failing to communicate something vital, and about the weirdness of being in a mortal body on a dirty, growing, volatile Earth. And while so much of the content is about isolation in some way or another, this album is truly a product of collaboration—the group of extremely talented musicians and engineers that worked on this record with me undoubtedly made it richer and more nuanced. Like most musicians I hope people will find enough pleasure and meaning in these song to want to live with them, to listen to them on the train, to find comfort or understanding in them in some way.”

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