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May 2, 2017

Canadian Beats Reviews Return For Refund’s Lift You Up EP



By now you’ve heard about Return For Refund‘s newest release, the Lift You Up EP. After seeing the band live at their tour stop in Guelph, Canadian Beats took sometime to listen through the whole album, and write a comprehensive review! The blog commented on the band’s unique approach to recording the album live-off-the-floor, saying the resulting album is “ambitious and emotionally gripping with a supercharged hit of adrenaline!”. Canadian Beats also acknowledged how each track brings something new to the album, citing “Don’t You Say” as the most rock anthem-worthy, “Lift You Up” as most 90’s grunge reminiscent, and “My Gun” as their favorite music moment of the album. Read the article here to get their full analysis of the album!

April 28, 2017

The Fountainhead Focus Reviews HereComeHere’s Chernobyl



The Fountainhead Focus recently took some time to check out our own HereComeHere‘s newest release, Chernobyl. “After starting with a much more pop-punk sound,” the blog commented, “the group (with a small lineup change) started to create something different – a more melodic, complex and even slightly darker sound.” The full article takes you track-by-track through the album, carefully studying each song. When discussing the album’s fifth track, “Sugarr”, the blog acknowledged a crucial factor about the bands progression. “Their songs have important lyrics,” noted Fountainhead, “lyrics that will stick in your head.” These lyrics, along with honing in on their sound, is what really sets this album apart from the band’s previous work. To get more analysis of the album, read the full review here!

September 19, 2016

Never Enough Notes Calls Jess Chizuk’s “Lehigh Valley Line” A “Very Special” Experience


Jess Chizuk‘s Lehigh Valley Line has officially been released and it’s getting some very high praise! In a new review of the album from Never Enough Notes, writer Laura Giles called it a “very special” listening experience and said it “feels like a live album with added intimacy.”

Check out the full review here and grab your digital copy of Lehigh Valley Line here.



June 22, 2016

The Go Ahead Featured on GigTown’s Radio Roulette Spin


GigTown got featured the Go Ahead‘s track “It Is Written”  on their Radio Roulette Spin. The reviewer noted that the track “demonstrates the group’s interest in playing with melodic choices that evoke the vibes of jazz and blues on the fronts of both instrumentals and vocals” and we honestly couldn’t have said it better if we tried.

“The uproar of power chords that almost seem to stomp through each chorus and an enjoyable, guitar driven instrumental bridge – complete with third and octave interval harmonizing – are the blending backbone that gives the song its opposing edge.”

Read the full review here and make sure to tune into GigTown Radio to catch the track on the airwaves!

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June 16, 2016

New Noise Magazine Reviews Almost Famous Friends Debut Album

Photo credit: Abbie Bosworth

New Noise Magazine reviewed the debut album from our Texas boys Almost Famous Friends, I’m Not Who I Want to Be!

Noting that the opening track is “a melodic masterpiece,” they went on to say it was proof that they’ll be “more than almost famous.”

“There’s a lot of bands in Texas, even without SXSW, but this is the one to look out for– especially if you liked Hawthorne Heights and Silverstein back in the day and want to listen to a more mature, updated version of that angst.”

Read the full review here!

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March 15, 2016

The Other Side Reviews The Go Ahead’s ‘Cycles’ Remaster


The Other Side Reviews share their opinion on the latest remaster of The Go Ahead’s Cycles:

“I like the crossover between rock and blues, it’s almost a ‘back to roots’ project. Very rock and roll, in the old school sense of the phrase.”

You can check out the review here:

March 8, 2016

The Farsighted Reviews Charlie Wolf and The Small Calamities

Charlie Wolf

“Charlie is releasing a series of videos and singles promoting his new album Angels & Commerce. These videos are fun to watch. I recommend checking them all out. This week’s song, “Different Directions”, is a video you’ll need to watch twice. The first time through is to get the giggles out. You will giggle. Even if you think you won’t, one of the scenes will get you.”

The Farsighted reviewed Charlie Wolf and The Small Calamities’ new video for “Different Directions”, with nothing but wonderful things to say. Click here to check it out.


February 23, 2016

Music Blog For Wolves Reviews Juliet K’s ‘All Unforgivable Things’

Juliet K

“The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter “makes good” and takes all on a journey through heartbreak and pure love. It’s the duchess of indie folk we’ve all been waiting for, and she surely delivers.”

Music Blog for Wolves recently reviewed Juliet K’s new full length album, All Unforgivable Things and had nothing but wonderful things to say! Check it out here.

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January 26, 2016

ShuffleBeat Music Features Vox Vocis


“We want them to hear the narrative we wrote. It’s music we’re really proud of, with each song having its strengths, just like a story would. So we want that to come across.”

ShuffleBeat Music featured an interview with Vox Vocis, as well as an album review, just last week. They had nothing but nice things to say, including an extra incentive to buy the album ShuffleBeat Music happens to adore, “If you buy the album and send me proof, I’ll send you a thing of Oreos. Not joking. And who doesn’t love Oreos?”

Check out the interview here and the album review here.

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January 19, 2016

Rock at Night Reviews Vox Vocis’ ‘In the Arms of the Sun’


You can get your first sneak peek of the new Vox Vocis album at Rock the Night – head over to the link here to read an encouraging review of In the Arms of the Sun!

“With its flucuating structures, absorbing melodies, and excellent musicianship, Vox Vocis has taken a very successful first step in what promises to be the inception of a great band.”