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September 24, 2017

Trace Repeat’s Guest Blog On Kill The Music

“When you listen to this record, I won’t be as presumptuous to say that we’ve captured the “sound” of Oakland in our little nine-song record. The best that I can hope for is that it gives you a 31-minute glimpse into the Oakland music communities that we’ve found for ourselves, for Trace Repeat.” Experience Oakland through the eyes of 6-piece Oakland based funk and soul band Trace Repeat in their guest blog on Kill The Music here.

March 12, 2015

D. Edward at SXSW, His Nomination for the Oakland Soul Award, and Upcoming Tour Dates

It’s a big time for D. Edward! Recently he has been raising money for homeless women in the Bay Area of California, playing at SXSW (along with Katie Garibaldi and Friends W/O Benefits), and starting to do a tour for ‘Love Is’! How cool is all of that? So thinking about all of that, please help nominate him for the Oakland Soul Award for the Oakland Indie Awards this year. You have until March 31st to nominate, and you can follow this link to nominate!  His Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook handles are all the same, dedward007.  Keep on going D. Edward! We’re all impressed.

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March 10, 2015

D. Edward Gives Advice On How To Handle SXSW

D. Edward is no stranger to being on tour. (He tours with ConFunkShun for crying out loud!) He gives everyone an insight on what he learned from his very first SXSW that can be helpful for every first-timer to read. Since, you know, SXSW starts this week!  Read it all HERE.

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March 3, 2015

Saucebox Music Features D. Edward for ‘Show Me’

D. Edward

D. Edward makes another media appearance for his Saucebox Music! The ‘Show Me’ (his collaboration with Jenna Lavoie) music video is a must see, and Saucebox agrees. Check it out here, enjoy!


October 21, 2014

D. Edward Wins 2014 Oakland Mayhem People’s Choice Award

Remember last week when we posted about D. Edward’s music video for “Love Is”? Were you a fan of it because so were so many other people! As a result, D. Edward has won the 2014 Oakland Mayhem People’s Choice Award! If you’re unfamiliar with Mayhem, it’s a Juried Competition & Music Festival exclusively for Oakland based musicians. Head over to his Twitter or Facebook and send him some well-deserved love!