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June 5, 2019

weChamelon Shares Silver Relics’ ‘Generic.’


weChamelon shared Silver Relics’ album Generic. recently. Click here to check out the full article.

May 16, 2017

New Noise Magazine Reviews HereComeHere’s Chernobyl



HereComeHere‘s latest album release, Chernobyl, has been receiving some serious acclaim since it’s debut back in April.  Most recently, New Noise Magazine took the time break down each track of the album in a review for their site.  They praised the production value of record, saying the clean vocals and guitar tones aren’t far off from what is found on the radio today.  The mag also cited “Adjust Your Eyes At The Chameleon” as, in their opinion, the best song on the album “full of chuggy rock breaks, silvery vocals coupled with metal hooks.”  Read the full review here, and don’t forget to listen to the album to decide what your favorite track is! You can do that here.

July 15, 2016

INTERVIEW/REVIEW: Shameless Promotions Highlight Constant Coogan’s ‘Bury Me Alive’

National Publicity—Constant Coogan (San Francisco, CA) 2016

I guess you can say that Shameless Promotions did quite a great job shamelessly promoting our new band Constant Coogan! Below you can read more about their brand new album Bury Me Alive and learn more from their interview:

“I’ve struggled with shyness my whole life. I’ve been in a lot of situations where you have things that you want to say to people, but for some reason there’s something blocking the ability for you to get it out there. It’s just so disheartening when you have so much to express and you can’t find the strength to do it. Going through that can really feel like you really feel like you’re being buried alive. Just the pressure and loss; there’s just no hope sometimes. I really wanted to express that with this song, and let other people that are struggling with shyness know that they’ve got to do something. We’ve all got this ability to break the cycle and strengthen our muscle that helps us to get stronger with the ability to communicate with other people. You’ve just gotta do it; otherwise, you’re dying inside. ”



February 23, 2016

Music Blog For Wolves Reviews Juliet K’s ‘All Unforgivable Things’

Juliet K

“The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter “makes good” and takes all on a journey through heartbreak and pure love. It’s the duchess of indie folk we’ve all been waiting for, and she surely delivers.”

Music Blog for Wolves recently reviewed Juliet K’s new full length album, All Unforgivable Things and had nothing but wonderful things to say! Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.49.46 PM

January 19, 2016

Rock at Night Reviews Vox Vocis’ ‘In the Arms of the Sun’


You can get your first sneak peek of the new Vox Vocis album at Rock the Night – head over to the link here to read an encouraging review of In the Arms of the Sun!

“With its flucuating structures, absorbing melodies, and excellent musicianship, Vox Vocis has taken a very successful first step in what promises to be the inception of a great band.”

December 21, 2015

Just Jared Jr. Posted Isaak Presley’s New EP, The Magic of Christmas


“Isaak Presley, who you’ll see as Ethan Diaz on Disney’s upcoming Stuck in the Middle, dropped his new EP, The Magic of Christmas, on Spotify recently and JJJ just can’t get enough.”

Just Jared Jr. recently posted Isaak Presley’s new EP and you won’t want to miss it! Click here for more information.


December 8, 2015

Vox Vocis Uses Upcoming Album, In the Arms of the Sun, To Tell A Story

National Publicity—Vox Vocis (Houston, TX) 2015

Concept band, Vox Vocis, has just released a promo video for their upcoming album, In the Arms of the Sun. The album, which conveys a gut-wrenching story about family, will be released on January 22nd.

Click here to take an inside peek at the story.

November 19, 2015

Adam Bernard Explains 7 Reasons Why You Should Pitch To Smaller Blogs


“Smaller blogs post less frequently, sometimes only a few times per week, and are far more determined to spread the word, with multiple tweets, Facebook posts, etc. They’re writing about you because they like your music, and want everyone to know about it, not because they have a quota to fill.”

Adam Bernard explains the reasons why musicians should be pitching to smaller blogs, instead of big ones. You can find out what he has to say by clicking here.


October 3, 2015

The Muskokan Explains How Myrle’s New Album Touches Hearts


“CDs are available in advance of the show at a cost that is good for the heart.”

Jamie Clarke’s (aka Myrle) latest release, A Dozen Hearts, aims to help out another heart with its early release. The Muskokan explains the beauty of the album and why you should grab it early, here.


October 2, 2015

I Heart SF Bands praises Bird Strings

Seth Lael

“It is that knack for live sound, immense knowledge of songwriting and structure, and being a master of his craft why Bird Strings, Seth’s newest release, stands strongly as an album you should play start to finish.”

I Heart SF Bands explains exactly why every song contained within Seth Lael’s new release, Bird Strings, is worth your attention. Check it out here.