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November 26, 2015

The Business Behind Music With Angela Mastrogiacomo

Ever wondered what kind of strategies are available for budding entrepreneurs? Learn that and much more in this podcast between Outlier Magazine and Angela Mastrogiacomo.

Shout outs are given to: The Front Bottoms, Brave Shores, The Born Ruffians, Katie Garibaldi, Diana DeMuth, and Nominee. Click here to check it out.


November 25, 2015

Five Techniques To Improve Your Music PR Pitch

“Although personalizing your email to fit the website and specific person you’re emailing is paramount, try to go a step beyond that by connecting on social media. Follow the website on Facebook & Twitter, give them a little shout out, and get to know them.”

Getting your pitch out to journalists isn’t easy, but things can become a whole lot simpler with the techniques discussed on CD Baby. Click here to check them out.


November 12, 2015

Techniques For Running Your Band Like a Business

“The first step is to accept that your band is a business, and you need to start treating it like one.”

Many musicians might not realize that beginning their music career means not only practicing and networking, but also creating a business plan.

Here are some techniques to help you balance your musical integrity with being a business.


September 3, 2015

Taking Control and Starting Your Own Business with Angela Mastrogiacomo

Ever wonder what it’s like really going after what you’re passionate for? That’s exactly what Muddy Paw PR owner Angela Mastrogiacomo did! Without her, we wouldn’t exist. Check out this podcast she did with Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses to hear about her journey!

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September 2, 2015

Behind The Music With Jeff Michaels

The Official Blog of Haulix is an amazing source to look towards when you want to learn more about the music business. That’s exactly what went down when they took the time to interview Jeff Michaels for their blog. Check out their chat over on their website!

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May 8, 2015

How To Get Your Merch Table Noticed

Merch tables are the number one thing fans go to during a concert. Or… It can be something they never even go to. Read the article here on how to improve your merch table at your next show.

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July 20, 2014

The Music Sponge Uncovers Katie Garibaldi’s “DIY” Approach to the Music Business

“I’m involved in every detail of my music and business,” Garibaldi says. She hopes to inspire others to follow their own passions with the same precision. Her new album, ‘Follow Your Heart,’ captures her “compelling authenticity.” Garibaldi shares her insights, dreams, and determination right here.


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