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February 19, 2019

Host Bodies Reveal All the Details About Their New EP ‘Diamondfruit’ to All Access

Host Bodies All Access Interview

“‘Diamondfruit’ is the crystallization of some of our most peaceful healing tracks. But it’s just one side of Host Bodies. Our first album ‘Daily Apparatus’ showcases the variety of our sound. ‘Diamondfruit’ followed up on the melodic instrumental side.”

All Access sat down with Host Bodies to talk all about their new EP Diamondfruit, the inspiration they find in their hometown, and more. Read the full interview here.

February 19, 2019

Host Bodies Sit Down with The Prelude Press

Host Bodies The Prelude Press interview

“The tension between the city and wilderness is present in this collection of songs. It’s the longing to be surrounded by elemental nature and yet the need to go into the heart of urban centers and experience that flurry of human activity.”

Host Bodies sat down with The Prelude Press to talk everything related to their new EP Diamondfruit.
Check out the full interview here.

January 31, 2019

Host Bodies Talk Their Growing Vinyl Collections + New Music with The Reclusive Blogger

Host Bodies The Reclusive Blogger interview

“Real instruments are a big part of our recording process so we try to incorporate them on stage as much as possible. Of course, we still use computers, pretty much everybody does these days. But electronic music is almost more of a technique for us than a genre, even though we still identify with the electronic genre.”

Host Bodies talk new music, their growing vinyl collections, and more with The Reclusive Blogger. Read the full interview here.

January 31, 2019

Host Bodies Talk New Music with Vents Magazine

Host Bodies Vents Magazine interview

“Accept is an instrumental journey…There’s movement in the song. It takes you somewhere, gives you access to places.”

Host Bodies sat down with Vents Magazine to talk about their new single “Accept,” their upcoming EP Diamondfruit, and so much more. Check out the full interview here.

January 7, 2019

Host Bodies’ New Single “Accept” Added to That Buzzing Sound’s Daily Turntable Playlist

Accept That Buzzing Sound playlist Host Bodies

That Buzzing Sound is showing Host Bodies some love! Stream their new single “Accept” now via or check it out on their Daily Turntable Playlist, where it’s featured alongside new releases from Benny Blanco, 3LAU, Sting, and more!

January 7, 2019

Nü Sound Premieres Host Bodies’ New Single “Accept”

Nü Sound Accept Premiere Host Bodies

“As beautiful tones burst with sunshine and warm rain, ‘Accept’ from James Collector and Nick Hess brings listeners into a magic mindset of peace and acceptance.”

Nü Sound has the exclusive first listen of “Accept,” the new single from San Francisco’s live electronic duo Host Bodies. Get the details here.

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December 13, 2018

Music Update Central Reviews Rändi Fay’s New Single “Joy Whispered”

Rändi Fay Joy Whispered Music Update Central

“There’s certain Christmas songs that you could hear anywhere, and this is one of them. This is a song that I could see being played in a church choir and at Christmas concerts. It has this appeal to many different listeners.”

Music Update Central reviews Rändi Fay’s new holiday single “Joy Whispered.” Check it out here.

December 13, 2018

Rändi Fay Sits Down with The Reclusive Blogger to Talk New Holiday Single “Joy Whispered”

Rändi Fay The Reclusive Blogger Interview Joy Whispered

“The inspiration for ‘Joy Whispered’ came in a songwriting challenge where I had to choose five words from a list of ten and write a Christmas song using them. Two words really stuck out to me: ‘silent’ and ‘light.’ I don’t think I had considered those two words together before, giving me a fresh image of the familiar manger scene. There must have been the feeling of ‘hush’ among the people gathered under quiet starlight in awe of the new born baby, whispering excitement – so human and so divine!”

Learn more about Rändi Fay’s new holiday single “Joy Whispered,” music she’s got on repeat, and more in her interview with The Reclusive Blogger. Check it out here.

November 26, 2018

Indie Minded Premieres Rändi Fay’s New Holiday Single “Joy Whispered”

Rändi Fay Joy Whispered premiere Indie Minded

“During a songwriting challenge in October, I was given the assignment of writing a holiday song, choosing five of ten words from a list. Two words that were randomly placed together stuck out to me: ‘silent’ and ‘light.’ I love Christmas, everything Christmas, but what I love most is the universal peace at its core.”

Indie Minded has the exclusive first listen of Rändi Fay’s new holiday single “Joy Whispered.” Get the details here.

November 6, 2018

The Deli Nashville Features Sam Hale

Sam Hale The Deli Nashville

“The title of the album sounds not just like an observation about the times we live in, but about Hale’s own inner turmoil about uprooting his life to chase music in Nashville.”

The Deli Nashville discusses Sam Hale’s new EP Somewhere Between Love & War. Check it out here.