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November 25, 2019

Welcome to #Music Monday! Featuring: SAINT LORETTO

By: Nick Manduley

Austin, Texas alternative pop artist Saint Loretto released his sophomore LP, Passage / S, on March 29th. Clocking in at 30 minutes, this album is on the shorter side, but if there’s anything Saint Loretto mastermind Evan Crowley has clearly figured out, it’s that less is more. The release kicks off with the brief yet catchy track “In Honor of Progress” which almost acts as a proverbial cover page. “Aisles” follows up with infectious synths, upbeat drums, and a guitar lick that’s sure to stay in your head. Crowley’s vocals meld wonderfully with the track; he has a sound and style that is reminiscent of acts such as The Killers and The 1975, but very much holds his own flavor. The track ends with a beaming guitar solo before charging into “Paris,” which is driven by a punchy bass guitar. As Crowley sings about spending “another weekend in paradise,” I can’t help but picture a place far away from my bedroom in the frigid, manic climate of New Jersey; preferably with warmer weather, great hispanic food, and reasonably priced mixed drinks. 

Passage / S moves forward with “Control (Fool for You)” and “Closing Time (The Best of Times).” These tracks offer a bit more pop-rock tendencies, with the bass and drums clicking away together on “Control” and the driving force set by the guitars during the chorus of “Closing Time.” However, Crowley doesn’t skip on his flavor of synth-pop with these tracks. “Head Over Heels” features some amazing synth and keyboard work which paints the track with good vibes. “American Kids” is a powerhouse track that is pure party fuel, complete with a memorable guitar solo. The album begins to wind towards its end with “‘68,” a mid-tempo track with a lot of heart, and “Wide Awake (All This Time),” a slower jam befitting of a late night car ride with the windows rolled down. Passage / S ends with an acoustic guitar-driven, eponymous track, which is a chill and catchy conclusion to this release. 

Passage / S, as well as Saint Loretto’s previous full length endeavor Depth / S, is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. 

September 23, 2019

River Beats Premieres New Moonray Single “Come Away”

River Beats shares “Come Away,” the new single from Moonray. Read the full article here.

September 23, 2019

Welcome to #Music Monday! Featuring: MIKE SIMMONS

By: Nick Manduley

Acoustic indie rocker Mike Simmons independently released his latest single “Give My Girl Back” on May 10th. The single is the Los Angeles singer-songwriter’s first release since his 2017 track “Wherever It Goes.”

“Give My Girl Back” is a gentle track that opens with the blissful arpeggiated picking of an acoustic guitar, paired with Simmons’ emotive, reverb-laden vocals. The alternative guitar picking acts as almost a blank canvas upon which Simmons paints with harmonies and themes of feeling as though you’ve found your soulmate. Clocking in at just over two and a half minutes, this song is perfect for a warm, sunny morning sipping tea or coffee on your front porch.

Simmons gives a more docile take on his sound with “Give My Girl Back”; his previous single, “Wherever It Goes,” is a full band indie folk rock ballad guaranteed to have indie lovers everywhere singing along.

When Simmons emerged as an artist, the formula was pretty simple; play some songs and read some poems on the street and in strip clubs, and then hopefully make some cash. After making some friends, getting a band together, and fleshing out his sound, producers from coast to coast began knocking on Simmons’ door. Since then, Simmons has performed his music all over America in venues of all shapes and sizes. Fans can find “Give My Girl Back” on all major streaming platforms, along with “Wherever It Goes” and Simmons’ 2016 full length album, “Sunburn.”

September 20, 2019

Nü Sound Shares Review of Dog Drive Mantis’ “Volta”

Nü Sound shared their review of Dog Drive Mantis’ latest single, “Volta.” See what they had to say here.

June 1, 2017

Substream Premieres The Sometimes Island’s “Can’t Move On”

The Sometimes Island is premiering a second track, “Can’t Move On” from their upcoming EP exclusively on Substream.  The single is equipped with dreamy harmonies, synth tones, and a bass line perfect for summer nights.  Lyrical content courtesy ofMatt Blankenship Jr., the man behind The Sometimes Island, really shines in this track that tackles the struggle of being between two feuding exes.

“Two very close friends of mine were dating, and when they broke up I was in the middle of it, hearing both sides and feeling very torn. Those sentiments channeled into this song, written from each of their perspectives. The inability to communicate – with battle lines drawn and pride on the line – made me feel a little like a cloud floating over a battlefield. This song was my way of dealing with it, using the music symbolically to put in little silences and finally an explosive, dramatic bridge.”

Keep an eye, and an ear, out for the full EP set to release July 28th.  The Sometimes Island will also be heading out on a West Coast tour later this summer.


October 3, 2016

“That Special, Timeless Quality That All Great Songs Have” – Joe Tell’s Music Blog on Jess Chizuk

Indie/folk songstress Jess Chizuk‘s long-awaited debut album Lehigh Valley Line has been released to rave reviews, not least from Buffalo-based Joe Tell’s Music Blog who says Jess’ voice “has a mature quality that defies her young age” and that she is “sure to go far in the music industry.” Enjoy the full review right here!

Listen to Lehigh Valley Line: Spotify | iTunes | Amazon

Follow Jess Chizuk: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Official Website


September 19, 2016

Never Enough Notes Calls Jess Chizuk’s “Lehigh Valley Line” A “Very Special” Experience

Jess Chizuk‘s Lehigh Valley Line has officially been released and it’s getting some very high praise! In a new review of the album from Never Enough Notes, writer Laura Giles called it a “very special” listening experience and said it “feels like a live album with added intimacy.”

Check out the full review here and grab your digital copy of Lehigh Valley Line here.



June 7, 2016

Mike’s Daily Podcast Features Constant Coogan

Our very own Constant Coogan was featured on Mike’s Daily Podcast where they shared their pasts as food truck extraordinaires, gondoliers, and theatre heads as well as a look forward to their upcoming EP Bury Me Alive.

Click here to listen now!

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May 12, 2016

Juliet K Goes On The Hunt For Brooklyn’s Best Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

Folk artist Juliet K did a really fun and unique piece for Music4Breakfast, where she and her band went on a journey to find the best Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwich in her Brooklyn neighborhood.

Head HERE to check out the full article and follow them on their journey and see which sandwich ultimately emerged as the victor! 2016-05-12 09-08-28

April 27, 2015

Diana DeMuth Chats With Highlight Magazine

Being an Independent artist is rough but Diana DeMuth is making the best of it. Although she’s currently on her national tour, she spoke with Highlight Magazine to say a few things about her budding career. Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 3.45.02 PM