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October 18, 2016

We’re Hiring! Seeking: Junior Publicist + Intern

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Muddy Paw PR is looking to expand our team to include 1-2 Junior Publicists and 1-2 interns. This position is virtual and you’re free to work whatever hours suit you best, though in both positions tight deadlines should be expected. Internships are unpaid (though there are a few earning opportunities) and college credit is available. While we independently love all music, we work primarily with pop-punk, alternative rock, indie pop, indie rock, synth driven pop/rock, folk, and singer-songwriter, and hope that your expertise and love is in those genres as well!

Junior Publicist position:

This is not a job for those just getting into the industry, or looking for something casual. We are seeking passionate music lovers with keen attention to detail and strong writing samples with at least 1-2 years experience in music publicity (an internship in music PR is ok) with strong connection to independent career musicians and online outlets. Please note that having both these connections is vital to this position. You will be expected to bring on clients, and having outlet connections to place those artists is crucial. Please email with resume, 3 writing/press release samples, cover letter, and references.

Publicity Intern position:

This is a hands-on position that includes responsibilities in maintaining media list, social media upkeep, creative brainstorming for our clients, press release writing, bio writing, and potential outreach. You will be expected to work anywhere from 5-15 hours/week. Please email with resume, 3 writing/press release samples, cover letter, and references.


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March 31, 2015

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Publicist

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You just hired a publicist, great! Or, you’re thinking of hiring a publicist, that’s great too! However, do you know exactly what you’re getting into? Probably not. Expectations are different than reality. Get the low down of what it’s really like HERE.

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