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February 16, 2016

5 Bands Dominating Today’s Local Music Scene

“In a world where live concerts have become so commonplace, it’s inspiring to be part of a show where the band reminds us all that it’s still meant to be an experience.”

Muddy Paw leader, Angela Mastrogiacomo recently published an article on Bandsintown discussing five bands that are dominating today’s local music scene. Click here to check it out.


November 26, 2015

A Happy Thanksgiving From All Of Us Here At Muddy Paw

Here at Muddy Paw, we would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

What are we most thankful for? Our amazing artists, who have always been more like family. We’re so grateful to get to work with some of the most passionate, genuine people in the industry. Thank you for allowing us that pleasure. What are you most thankful for this year? 

November 21, 2014

Friends W/O Benefits Dish On ‘Doolittle’

Friends W/O Benefits did a feature piece on No Echo about The Pixie’s album, ‘Doolittle’.  Their thoughts are well worth the read!

In other news with the guys, band member Cadet Edac will be doing a radio show for Breakfast at Midnight this coming Wednesday at Midnight, PST. Take a listen to that here when the time comes!

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October 28, 2014

The Bay Bridged Appreciates Friends W/O Benefit’s Californian Sound

The Bay Bridged listened to Friends W/O Benefits’ music and found that they have that good Californian sound in their work. Read all about it here!

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October 28, 2014

Comics, Music, and More; An Interview with Friends W/O Benefits by How Long Is The Night

Friends W/O Benefits was recently interviewed by How Long Is The Night Media.  They got down to what makes the band, their music, and even their comic book. Read it here!

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August 15, 2014

Already Heard Streams “Senators’ Wives” by Friends W/O Benefits

Meet Friends W/O Benefits, the band that made comics books instead of CD’s for their latest cluster of songs. This band is delightfully unique, and their new song “Senators’ Wives” presents no exception. Listen here.


already heard

August 8, 2014

Friends W/O Benefits Premieres BRAND NEW Song!

“Re-enact The Basement” by Friends W/O Benefits sheds light on “the current state of boredom and misinformation caused by technology,” says Planet Stereo. Have a listen here!

planet stereo