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March 31, 2015

D. Edward On All Things SXSW Via Sonicbids

D. Edward was lucky enough to attend SXSW this year, and he wrote a piece for Sonicbids that talks all about what he saw, what he learned, and more! Check it out here. Are you surprised by anything? Comment below!

(Here is a photo of D. Edward with the Website Critiquing Panel!)


March 28, 2015

Free Music From D. Edward Courtesy Of Noise Trade

D. Edward

FREE. FREE. Yes, you’re reading right. FREE! NoiseTrade has featured D. Edward on their homepage this week and they’re giving you a chance to get a free download this week only! Check it out HERE.

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March 12, 2015

D. Edward at SXSW, His Nomination for the Oakland Soul Award, and Upcoming Tour Dates

It’s a big time for D. Edward! Recently he has been raising money for homeless women in the Bay Area of California, playing at SXSW (along with Katie Garibaldi and Friends W/O Benefits), and starting to do a tour for ‘Love Is’! How cool is all of that? So thinking about all of that, please help nominate him for the Oakland Soul Award for the Oakland Indie Awards this year. You have until March 31st to nominate, and you can follow this link to nominate!  His Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook handles are all the same, dedward007.  Keep on going D. Edward! We’re all impressed.

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March 10, 2015

D. Edward Gives Advice On How To Handle SXSW

D. Edward is no stranger to being on tour. (He tours with ConFunkShun for crying out loud!) He gives everyone an insight on what he learned from his very first SXSW that can be helpful for every first-timer to read. Since, you know, SXSW starts this week!  Read it all HERE.

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March 3, 2015

Saucebox Music Features D. Edward for ‘Show Me’

D. Edward

D. Edward makes another media appearance for his Saucebox Music! The ‘Show Me’ (his collaboration with Jenna Lavoie) music video is a must see, and Saucebox agrees. Check it out here, enjoy!


December 12, 2014

Music Existence Introduces You To D. Edward

We’re still over here reeling obsessing about D. Edward’s new album Love Is and apparently, we’re not the only one. Music Existence featured the singer/songwriter recently while also publishing his music video for “Keep Loving You.” Check it out HERE.

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November 20, 2014

Smooth Jazz Global Radio Reviews D. Edward’s “Love Is”

As many of you know, D. Edward has released an album titled, “Love Is.” It has another great review, this time by Smooth Jazz Global Radio! Read it here.

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November 11, 2014

Another Music Blog Reviews D. Edward’s “Love Is”

Another Music Blog checked out D. Edward’s “Love Is” and wrote quite the review about it! They reminded us to keep an eye on him, seeing as his music can only get even better and he will continue to bring people together with his work. Read it here!

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November 7, 2014

Planet Stereo Reviews D. Edward’s ‘Love Is’

Reviews seem to be positive when it comes to D. Edward’s latest album, Love Is. Lately, the outlet Planet Stereo had plenty to say such as: “Love Is proves to be an incredible feat for D. Edward. The two years it took to make this album were obviously worth every minute, because the hard work shines through. Each track will take you back to sitting in the car with your grandparents, listening to the contemporary radio, taking in the wealth of instrumental and vocal prowess that so many of those songs showcased.”

Read more HERE.


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October 23, 2014

Saucebox Music Reviews D. Edward’s ‘Love Is’ Album

D. Edward released his album Love Is on Tuesday and the reviews just keep on coming! This time, we hear from Saucebox Music who says, “Some songs are meant to get the blood pumping, but Love Is has a different design. With music that invites relaxation from the first track, it’s difficult to hang on to any sort of stress while listening to this album.” Read more of the review HERE.


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