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August 4, 2016

Vents Magazine premieres Constant Coogan’s new video for “Bury Me Alive”

For fans of: Alannis Morrisette, Evanescence, and maybe even Alexisonfire. Constant Coogan’s new video for “Bury Me Alive” is now streaming on Vents Magazine.

“With a brand of vocally driven pop music akin to acts like Alanis Morissette and Evanescence, San Francisco’s Constant Coogan marries intricate drums, punchy bass, and poignant vocals with heartfelt, honest, hopeful lyrics. Throw in a little rock, rebellion, and a background in musical theatre and you have a dynamite act that’s been taking the Bay Area by storm since early 2015.”

Click here for the video and full story.

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July 15, 2016

INTERVIEW/REVIEW: Shameless Promotions Highlight Constant Coogan’s ‘Bury Me Alive’

I guess you can say that Shameless Promotions did quite a great job shamelessly promoting our new band Constant Coogan! Below you can read more about their brand new album Bury Me Alive and learn more from their interview:

“I’ve struggled with shyness my whole life. I’ve been in a lot of situations where you have things that you want to say to people, but for some reason there’s something blocking the ability for you to get it out there. It’s just so disheartening when you have so much to express and you can’t find the strength to do it. Going through that can really feel like you really feel like you’re being buried alive. Just the pressure and loss; there’s just no hope sometimes. I really wanted to express that with this song, and let other people that are struggling with shyness know that they’ve got to do something. We’ve all got this ability to break the cycle and strengthen our muscle that helps us to get stronger with the ability to communicate with other people. You’ve just gotta do it; otherwise, you’re dying inside. ”



July 2, 2016

Cliche Magazine’s, “Bands Interview Bands” Feature Constant Coogan and Mike Rufo

In a very special edition of “Bands interviewing Bands” we have Muddy Paw PR’s own Constant Coogan and Mike Rufo on Cliché Magazine. In a world where these two artists otherwise may have never crossed paths, they are able to pick each others brains about their influences, advice and social issues.

Click here for the full article.

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June 30, 2016

The Prelude Press Features Constant Coogan’s New Single “Confetti”

The Prelude Press has debuted Constant Coogan’s new single, “Confetti” from their upcoming EP “Bury Me Alive.” The poppy and upbeat track, spearheaded by beautiful piano and bright vocals has made it impossible not to smile while listening.

Click here to listen to “Confetti” and read the article.

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June 28, 2016

Pure Grain Radio Premieres Constant Coogan’s “Free Me”

Constant Coogan premiered their brand new single “Free Me” from their upcoming EP Bury Me Alive— out this Friday– on Pure Grain Audio.

“Recorded with Mario Litchfield at Platinum Waves Studio outside Sacramento, California, Bury Me Alive is definitely worth your time.”

Listen to the track here!

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June 21, 2016

Constant Coogans’ “You’re Not The First” covered by The Other Side Reviews

The Other Side Reviews covered “You’re Not The First” by Constant Coogan. The song comes with a reminder that will hit many close to home. “…Every problem you are facing has already been solved by someone before you.”

“The meaningful lyrics are sung by a raw voice that hasn’t been auto-tuned or changed. This creates a closeness to the listeners as she is laying herself on the table. She is showing the world what she has to offer and isn’t afraid if they see her vulnerability.”

Click here for the full article and song.

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June 7, 2016

Mike’s Daily Podcast Features Constant Coogan

Our very own Constant Coogan was featured on Mike’s Daily Podcast where they shared their pasts as food truck extraordinaires, gondoliers, and theatre heads as well as a look forward to their upcoming EP Bury Me Alive.

Click here to listen now!

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June 1, 2016

Idobi’s Exclusive Premier of Constant Coogan’s “Bury Me Alive”

“A song speaking to the shy kid in us all, the track is a sparkling example of what Constant Coogan can do. ”

Idobi released an exclusive premiere of Constant Coogan’s brand new track, “Bury Me Alive,” and had nothing but wonderful things to say. Click here to check it out.