Leave The Former

Leave your mark on the world

Leave The FormerFor a budding artist, spending three years working at an international record label in Germany sounds like a dream come true. But for Texas native Grace Castañeda, it wasn’t as glamorous as she’d hoped. After countless hours of unpaid overtime, and a general distaste with the business side of the industry, Castañeda found herself writing songs, and playing bars and cafes throughout Hannover, as she rediscovered her love for music. It was this rediscovery that led to the creation of her solo project, Leave the Former.

Moving back to Corpus Christi, she penned the songs which would result in her debut EP, “Nonsense”. Produced by Joseph Milligan (former guitarist of Anberlin), “Nonsense” captures the anger, sadness, and frustration of this chapter in her life, trapped in a constant struggle of work vs passion.

This is what Leave the Former represents. Using the negativity in the world as fuel to create something new and beautiful for others to enjoy. “Nonsense” drops August 25th. Fall tour dates in and around Central and Southern Texas are in the works, so keep an eye out for the opportunity to see this fuel continue to burn up close.

RIYL: Imogen Heap, Garbage

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