Vaeda Black

Leave your mark on the world

The most prominent thing you’ll notice about recording artist Vaeda Black is her powerful stirring voice, reminiscent of early soul, which is most unexpected coming from a sixteen-year-old from New York.  But where the real magic lies is in the masterful execution of her songwriting.

Vaeda Black is able to tap into a profound and sometimes dark place when she writes, and it’s certainly reflective in her music both lyrically and at times sonically. She counts British musician Bishop Briggs, Lewis Del Mar, Jon Bellion and even Janis Ian as inspirations.

Her forthcoming EP will be released in early 2018. The best songs are a mirror image allowing the listeners to reveal themselves in the music. Her music accomplishes this and much more. Vaeda Black’s songwriting and delivery is the wizardry that conjures the soul.

For fans of: Lorde, Lana Del Rey