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Photo Credit: Kelli J. Bartlett

Tzarina is a heavy but melodic post-hardcore group hailing from Brookyln, NY. Originally formed in 2016 under the moniker “Deafmute” the band exploded onto the scene by releasing a series of songs and live performances that blur the line between metal, post-rock and punk. In 2020, Craig William is again at the forefront of the bands songwriting and musical direction where they have an earnest focus on songwriting. The group couples ethereal guitar textures with heavy detuned instrumentation, as well as driving drum-and-bass rhythms to build an eclectic atmosphere through which Craig and Mark’svoices can really soar.

Tzarina spent the majority of 2019 and early 2020 assembling the new line up of the band and finalizing the songs list for the studio. With introductions through Mark, Michael Forsythe joined on bass (Mark and Michael were in a previous project together called Vertigo Drift) and then through a network of awesome NYC based musicians, they landed with Robert Abrams on drums. As luck would have it (and after having only one single rehearsal as a fully assembled band), the coronavirus pandemic started to hit hard across the US and the rest of the globe. That didn’t stop Craig from getting to the studio and recording the debut album (slated for release in 2021).

Currently, the band is gearing up for the release of their debut track, “Deadsong” which will be streaming everywhere in October of 2020. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered along with the rest of the album at Dexter’s Lab Studios with Producer/Engineer Nick Bellmore (other work includes Hatebreed, Toxic Holocaust, Dee Snyder, etc.) Due to the limited capacity and timeframe for tracking, Nick ended up playing drums on the album. Following that, they are focusing on continuing the content creation as playing live shows for right now is still out of the question. That being said, they are still preparing a killer live performance to be ready as soon as venues are able to host them.


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