Tara Velarde

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Raised in the sleepy farmland outside of the nation’s self-proclaimed weirdest city, Tara Velarde is a captivating combination of class and sass. Imagine Brandi Carlile’s raw energy, Adele’s soul, and Joni Mitchell’s serenity all swirled together and you start to get the idea of this dynamic artist and her addictive Diva Folk style.

Velarde combines her passions as a poet, an Indie Folk enthusiast, a music teacher, a choral soloist, and a professional theater actress into her performances, packing a powerful musical punch whenever she takes the stage. Unable to pick just one passion, she decided to combine her loves into one lifelong project that is her singing, songwriting, and performing. Intimate and lyrical one moment to diva-level power in the next, Velarde pulls out all the stops as she crafts both variety and originality into her music that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.

Melody and harmony have been a part of Tara’s daily life from the very beginning. Growing up with 5 musical siblings provided a fertile ground on which to experiment with harmonization, inflection, and songwriting, resulting in an innate sense for beautiful harmonic and melodic structure. Through her teenage years, Tara fell in love with dance and musical theater, passions that have led her to pursue theater and dance professionally as an adult, most recently appearing in Broadway Rose’s “West Side Story”.

Today, Tara writes songs that communicate the thoughts, feelings, and stories that she has collected along her way. Poetically-minded and vocally-focused, listeners are treated to a performance that is as skilled and intentional as it is passionate and unbridled. The songs continue to come, performances are delivered, and friends are made. One heart to another, it is the connection made through song that matters after all.

With an EP released in 2014 (“The Tara Novellas”), a full LP in 2016 (“Get Out and Walk”), and a single (“Willow Baby”) in the fall of 2017, Velarde and her band have played extensively around their native Portland, OR and toured throughout the Western US and Canada. Velarde has appeared on radio, TV, at festivals and fairs, and countless venues, traveling to share her passion for music wherever it can be.

Velarde is preparing for the release of her brand new single, “Willow Baby”, along with supporting tour dates throughout October and November.

For fans of : Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Joni Mitchell


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Tour dates:

Oct 10 – Al’s Den with Gaelynn Lea (Portland, OR)

Oct 14 – Grand Lodge Monthly Residency ft. Hollis Peach (Forest Grove, OR)

Oct 25 – KGW “Portland Today” Session (Portland, OR)

Oct 26 – Fremont Theater Single Release with Maiah Wynne, Emily Scott Robinson (Portland, OR)

Nov 4 – Grand Lodge Monthly Residency ft. Ky Burt (Forest Grove, OR) Single Release Tour

Nov 16 – Axe and Fiddle with Flies with Honey (Cottage Grove, OR) Nov 17 – Revolution Cafe (San Francisco, CA)

Nov 18 – Naked Lounge with Max Minardi (Chico, CA)

Nov 19 – Folsom Hotel (Folsom, CA)

Nov 20 – The Open Door (Sisters, OR)

Nov 26 – Portland Saturday Market (Portland, OR)

Nov 30 – Alberta Street Pub with Clara Baker, Caitlin Jemma (Portland, OR)

Dec 2 – Grand Lodge Monthly Residency ft. Honey Divers (Forest Grove, OR)