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Septacy are a 5-piece progressive rock band hailing from Oakland, California that, much like fellow Bay Area natives Green Day and Metallica before them, aim to carve their own unique path through the larger music scene. Their sound can be described as both melodious and chaotic, a dichotomy they fully embrace in their songwriting and on the stage.

“The most important thing for us as musicians is to be authentic,” remarks Nick Redmond, vocalist. “A lot of our songs employ some amount of genre-bending, or do away with the idea of genre altogether. At the end of the day, whatever inspires and excites us is what we want to do.”

Indeed, the band’s first full-length record entitled Bookends seems to defy the notion of genre with its massive 14 song track list and sounds ranging from Latin inspired jazz, to hardcore punk. The second single from the album, “The Clouds Above the Giving Tree” could be described as the former of these, boasting a danceable groove from drummer Jason Bolich and bassist Justin Vanegas for most of its run-time, before devolving into an intense saxophone-led breakdown at its conclusion. (Performed by guest musician Michael J. Booker)

Septacy has been cutting their teeth in the local Bay Area scene for the last 3 years, performing with such acts as Strawberry Girls at the famous punk venue Bottom of the Hill, and with Sacramento post-hardcore band A Lot Like Birds at Red House in Walnut Creek. Of their live performance, Lindsey Marshall of “Lindsey’s Untitled Rock Mag” has said;

“They’re a lot of fun on stage… These guys could totally be playing bigger shows or getting signed soon. They have the talent for it.”

“Bookends”, as well as the rest of the band’s catalog are available through Bandcamp, as well as iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.

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