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Rändi Fay

Randi Fay

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A notable singer and songwriter, Rändi Fay has been nominated for Jazz Artist of the Year for Wisconsin 4 years in a row (2015-2018) by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry. As an established jazz artist, her enchanting melodies are influenced by Rosemary Clooney, Peggy Lee, Julie Andrews, and Joni Mitchell (just to name a few.) Fusing the softness of these nostalgic artists, the richness of her jazz background, and the drama of symphonic pop-rock music, Fay’s energy shines while captivating listeners. She strives to go beyond simply connecting with listeners – she hopes to heal others through the power of her lyrics.

In 2001, an injury forced her into early retirement from her career as a veterinarian. Fast forward to 2010 when she took the chance to develop her solo career in Green Bay, Wisconsin, discovering that writing and performing music provided and outlet for her to further pursue her love of healing others. Fay hasn’t looked back since, proving that “perseverance, sacrifice, shock and surprise” are vital to her success. She is dedicated to writing her own music, recently receiving her Master’s Certificate in Songwriting through the Berklee College of Music’s online extension.

“I almost feel like the more others push against me, the more I become determined to make “it” happen. And the more I appreciate each experience for the lesson, and for the next opportunity it brings.”

Her music is ethereal and intimate, and she works to reach her listeners through her hashtag #connectingworlds. Her compassion continues to shine through her kind personality and relatability.

Other accolades include her 2010 release of “Close to My Heart” for Best Cover Album by “Just Plain Folks” in 2017. Her songs “Freely Given” and “Winter Wind” were semi-finalists in the 2017 UK Songwriting Competition. Additionally, she’s received recognition from the College Music Society for her song, “Take Six.” A big believer in collaboration, Fay has worked with songwriters around the world; one of her recent projects include co-writing with artist/bassist Dmitry Zaystev in Moscow for the band Rythmystica.

Coming off her 2017 album, “Chrysalis,” Fay experimented with a multitude of genres, refining her “dream pop” sound while intensifying the passion behind her lyrics. Fay returned to the studio to work with Aaron Zinsmeister to record her single “Supernatural,” which preludes her upcoming concept album, “Intuition,” to be released in 2019. She is now preparing to release her new holiday single “Joy Whispered.”

Outside of music, Fay channels her passion into her outdoor hobbies, spending time with her family and pets. She is also an advocate for Mental Wellness Education, Prevention of Domestic Violence and Abuse, and Animal Welfare.

Instagram: @randifaymusic
Twitter: @randifaymusic

For fans of: Enya, Evanescence, Sarah McLachlan