Muddy Paw PR


Pvrception is an experience in self realization and awareness that speaks to the mental discord of a generation struggling to maintain healthy social relationships in a world overwhelmed by the constant barrage of social media. Blending Trap and Rock based rhythmic styles with electronic and traditional instrumentation, Pvrception continues to expand the boundaries of modern urban music while weaving personally reflective story lines into emotionally intense sound productions.

Artistic creator, producer and performer Tristan Wilson is the heart of Pvrception. After five years of writing and performing emotional alternative rock as the founder of Almost Famous Friends, a passion developed for taking his ideas and emotions to new levels. After setting a clear creative direction, a few friends were invited to feature on the EP and Poison Tongue Boy was born. Produced, recorded, mixed by the artist himself in the span of three months, the EP represents the best of this multi-talented artist. The result is a sound that is both smooth and tense, inviting the listener in while revealing deep lyrical conflict.

The EP Poison Tongue Boy will be available for full release February 15th, 2018 with several Singles and Videos scheduled for release over the coming months.