Leave your mark on the world

Photo Credit: Taylor Prinsen Photography

From the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX, comes the enchanting synth-pop duo Moonray.

Influenced by the genius of legends including Prince, Madonna, Jimi Hendrix, and more, Moonray’s music glimmers and shines with the brilliance of ‘80s synths, dynamic electric guitar, free spirited ‘70s vibes, and lots of positive energy.

In addition to forming a working partnership, the duo is also a real-life couple and draws on their individual experiences and strengths to speak to their listeners in an uplifting, relatable way. Jonray, a fifth generation Texan and multi-instrumentalist, and Barbara, a business-savvy lover of theater who grew up between Mexico and Austin, create freely and without limits, using their worldly melodies and lyrics to shine a restorative, hopeful light for those who need it.

Currently Moonray is gearing up to release new music, including the dreamy single “Come Away.” The duo is also working on their upcoming album Digital Moon, which was self-produced and recorded in Austin and Los Angeles and will be released under their own label, Satellite Records. Passionately crafted over the course of the past three years, Digital Moon is a colorful, sparkling collection that reflects the duo’s growth and maturity as a band. “The songs are each little moonbeams in a digital format that we hope share light with others,” they say. “The name ‘Moonray’ came about while on a camping trip. We looked up and noticed how the moon carried the light and reflected down on us on the pathway we were on. Since then, our mission became to try to create songs that will bring a sense of joy and nostalgia while pulling out of the dark into the night. Out of fear as you step into the night.”

“Come Away” is set for release on September 6, 2019.

For Fans Of: Eurythmics, The Flaming Lips