Mike Rufo

Leave your mark on the world

Mike Rufo - Promo Mike Rufo is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and activist. His songs and poems arc across the waves of life. His music is gripping and eclectic, reflecting his impassioned engagement with the world. Mike’s musical language builds upon powerful lyrics, soaring vocals, driving rhythms, and melodic riffs that explore emotional depths and transformation. He mixes things up with a knack for the well-conceived parody and well-placed use of humor.

Rufo is fired up about the upcoming release of his second solo LP, Nothin’ But Now, which features his latest folk songs. Releasing to the masses on July 15, the eight songs on Nothin’ But Now weave together in deeply resonant and beautifully conveyed stories of uplift, loss, transformation, and connection. You can stream the second track “The Mad Trapper” right here.

For fans of: Leonard Cohen, Nick Lowe, Steve Poltz

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