Lindsay Katt

Leave your mark on the world

Many artists struggle to find their place in the creative community and to allow themselves to be vulnerably expressive. Inspired by the music of Lindsay Katt, indie film The Avant-Gardener follows the journey of one such artist who must search within herself to truly discover her voice.

The Avant-Gardner’s creative mastermind, Katt, has always been drawn to music as a way to connect life’s pieces and make a lasting contribution to the world.

“It proved to be a wonderful canvas for me to express my words, thoughts, and feelings, and to express my inner self in a way that felt both terrifying and necessary,“ explains Katt, whose music has been featured on MTV‘s The Real World, Teen Mom, ABC‘s Castle, Alias, and SYFY‘s Being Human.

Born in Mexico and raised in Montana, Katt moved to NYC to pursue music and worked as a nanny to fund her debut album Picking Out Boxes, which is full of catchy upbeat rhythms and lyrical illustrations. By 2013, music from Katt’s follow-up album Happy Fits of Rage made its way onto ABC’s Switched At Birth.

When she’s not pursuing her music career, Katt works with The Foundation of Art and Healing, for whom she produced a film festival this past year. The festival focused on the topic of loneliness and isolation as a public health epidemic. The subject matter of films included in the festival ranged across social groups, from the LGBTQ community to veterans.

Katt and her expert film crew have spent the past three years turning The Avant-Gardener into a reality. The film is a compilation of ten songs and ten accompanying videos, all woven together to create one cohesive piece of art. With the help of animators, models, ballet dancers, choreographers, painter and other creatives, Katt’s music and the elaborate world of The Avant-Gardener was brought to life.

“As a queer person, and a woman, my experience navigating the world has shown me that empathy towards people who are different than you is revolution, that there is nothing more courageous than the vulnerability of the human spirit,” says Katt.

“My goal in my life and my career is to be fearless, and when I can’t be fearless…to be brave.”

The Avant-Gardener is currently screening at select film festivals and has won the Grand Prize for “Experimental Short” at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, as well as winning the Grand Prize for “Experimental Short” and  Grand Prize for “Best Editing” at The International Indie Gathering.

For fans of : Sara Bareilles, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson

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