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Photo Credit: Kelley Curran

Hailing from Illinois, Kyle Ekstrom strives to achieve human connection with his music, using it as a means through which to relate to others and through meeting them at the intersection of vulnerability and hope.

Focusing on the memories and feelings that music can stir up within both himself and his listeners, he recognizes the power music has and the way it forms the soundtrack to our lives, and is appreciative of the moments when his songs accompany others on their journeys. “The other day I checked where my music was being played on Spotify and looked at all the different countries and playlists it was on. I saw a playlist called ‘Mom’ and it made me emotional and I thought about what that person was going through,” he notes. “Maybe I helped them for a few minutes somehow. I hope they are okay and if I could talk to them I would. I’m thankful for people who like my music. It makes me feel honored when people tell me how it affects them. I’m so grateful for that.”

Ekstrom is currently preparing to release his new single “Sad Girls,” a new alt-rock anthem that acknowledges that we all have our own demons, but in reality those hurdles may not be as impossible to overcome as we might think. Fortified by a soaring melody, this one is for anyone and everyone who might be struggling with something and could use a little extra inspiration to carry them through to brighter days.

Look out for “Sad Girls” on November 1.

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