Host Bodies

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Photo Credit: Mark Sandhoff

From the creative collaboration of MC/producer James Collector (aka Swoop) and multi-instrumentalist Nick Hess comes the live electronic duo Host Bodies.

The San Francisco-based creatives go beyond telling stories. They are sonic painters who design vividly colorful scenes with their riveting masterful use of live instruments, electronic elements, and field recordings that capture the familiar sounds of nature and bustling cities. Syncopated polyrhythms, gritty blues riffs, and underground hip-hop psychedelia find the perfect complement in narrative song structure, allowing Host Bodies’ melodies to hop off the symbolic canvas and into the hearts of listeners.

Beginning their creative journey together in 2006, the duo has brought their vibrant energy to stages ever since, and, in 2019, they will share their latest release Diamondfruit, a dreamy electronic EP that finds calm and clarity amid hectic times.

Incorporating guitar, bass, ukulele, charango, harp, and synthesizers, as well as inspiration from their home state of Colorado and new home of San Francisco, Diamondfruit provides a colorful panoramic soundtrack to heal our spirits to, ushering us into a state of welcome tranquility while helping us find our own personal refuge in a tumultuous, chaotic world. “We wanted to make a more mindful project, something at peace with itself yet swept into the wonder and mystery of the landscapes that inspire us,” they explain. “California and Colorado are both so close to our hearts, the elemental nature of them calls to us here in the city. The challenge is then translating that sense of refuge into electronic music, to say something beyond words.”

Diamondfruit was 100-percent self-recorded between California and Colorado and mixed and mastered with Ryan Kleeman (Overlap Studio) and Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Count Eldridge (Tycho, Radiohead, No Doubt). The EP is scheduled to drop on February 8, 2019.

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