Constant Coogan

Leave your mark on the world

Constant CooganWith a brand of vocally driven pop music akin to acts like Alanis Morissette and Evanescence, San Francisco’s Constant Coogan marries intricate drums, punchy bass, and poignant vocals with heartfelt, honest, hopeful lyrics. Throw in a little rock, rebellion, and a background in musical theatre and you have a dynamite act that’s been taking the Bay Area by storm since early 2015. Now in only their second year, the band will be releasing their debut EP, “Bury Me Alive” on July 1st, 2016.

“We hope that people connect with these songs the way that we have over the past year,” explains lead vocalist/pianist Jen Coogan. “We feel like these songs are our children, in the aspect that we have spent so much time nurturing these pieces of our heart, and watching them grow into beings that have a life of their own. Making this album gave us the opportunity to touch on some issues that are very close to us. Everything from the debilitating effects of shyness and social anxiety, to artists being displaced from their homes in San Francisco. We always strive to give hope to others who are struggling.”

Comprised of husband-wife duo Matt and Jen Coogan, with Matt on bass and backup vocals, and Ben Peterson on drums, this is a trio that embraces every embodiment of the Bay—carefree, passionate, and full of determination for the arts—and their music shows it. “We discovered we have a bit of a rock and roll edge, and we had a blast infusing that into our usual pop style,” explains Jen. Couple that with Jen’s heavy musical theater influence and you have an explosion of rock-pop flavor, embracing all the best parts of theater, with the modern twist of rock ‘n roll.


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