National Publicity—Katie Garibaldi (San Francisco, CA) —2014-2015

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Katie Garibaldi


In preparation for her summer 2014 release, Follow Your Heart, Katie Garibaldi sought out Muddy Paw PR to bring awareness to her album through a national PR campaign, which included outreach to major US  outlets, high-profile San Francisco music blogs, and a variety of out-of-the-box outlets. In 2015 she returned to Muddy Paw for the release of her music video “Lock the Door, Lose the Key.”


In order to bring maximum national attention to Follow Your Heart and later, “Lock the Door, Lose the Key”, we constructed a unique approach that included outreach to national US media, as well as several lifestyle blogs. We emphasized Katie’s sponsorship with Breedlove, along with her entrepreneurial spirit to draw on her personal interests outside of music. This method placed her in front of new audiences and saw placements on sites such as The Indie Chicks (Over 100,000 monthly page views/month + 50K followers on social media) , Cliche Magazine, #FireworkPeople, and more. During the campaign, Muddy Paw also coordinated a partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and C4 Belts for the 2015 #Care4thecause campaign. 


Muddy Paw’s unique strategy of combined music and lifestyle outlet outreach resulted in strong support across the board including placements on Sonicbids, GrooveShark, Haulix, Mind Equals Blown, Fearless Radio, The Deli SF, Outlier On Air, Cliche Mag, and a partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and C4 Belts. After her feature on The Deli SF, she was named the Artist of the Month for September 2015. This resulted in front-page exposure for 2 weeks. Named one of the Top 15 Indie Music Blogs in the US, The Deli Mag exposure brought roughly 70k + eyes to Katie in one feature alone.


 Press quotes:

“All three acoustic jams not only focus on the absolute beauty of her voice, but also highlight her songwriting ability with intimate, yet passionate lyrics…Katie Garibaldi’s Follow Your Heart definitely nailed it with this record. The sheer beauty of the album will have fans hooked and playing it on repeat for months.” –Unsigned & Unleashed

“There is a versatility to Follow Your Heart that separates it from other country albums, especially when you factor in the raw sound. Garibaldi maintains a certain power at a higher pitch, testing out different runs that certainly make an impact, and gives the album a quality that is impossible to ignore. There is a raw, enchanting Americana tone that runs deep and would be impossible to fake, further giving Katie Garibaldi the mark of a genuine artist.” –Planet Stereo