National Publicity—Constant Coogan (San Francisco, CA) —2016

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In May of 2016, Constant Coogan retained Muddy Paw PR to develop and execute a strategic public relations campaign around their July 1st EP release, ‘Bury Me Alive.’ This involved personally reaching out to online outlets across North America and crafting each individual email to the outlet. No two emails were identical. We also worked to promote their video for the title track, a beautifully choreographed music video featuring several members of the local dance community.


Targeting a mix of local and national outlets, we worked to secure coverage that would highlight “Bury Me Alive.” Targeted press included Idobi, SF Weekly, The Bay Bridged, Vents Mag, and more. We also promoted their EP release show as well as their music video, focusing on local press, and using the human interest angle for the video, to highlight the local community’s involvement.


Under Muddy Paw PR, Constant Coogan saw premieres on Idobi, Pure Grain Audio, Prelude Press, and Vents Mag. In addition, placements were secured on Cliche Mag, New Music Inferno, Kill the Music, and more.  They also saw placement on local outlets (print and digital) such as SF Weekly, City Music Collective, and Carson Now.

Press Quotes:

“We can’t keep this a secret any longer… We have the exclusive premiere of Constant Coogan’s brand new track, “Bury Me Alive”, and we. Freakin’. Love it.” –Idobi

“It’s impossible not to smile while listening to the poppy and upbeat track, spearheaded by beautiful piano and bright vocals, and that’s just what Constant Coogan intended.” –Prelude Press

“A song speaking to the shy kid in us all, the track is a sparkling example of what Constant Coogan can do. You can hear their hometown of San Francisco, and their 90s alt-pop influences in every second of their sound.” –Idobi

“Alternative rock band, Constant Coogan showed that you are not alone and you can get through any problem. They delivered this message as though they were a friend and they know exactly what it is you are going through. You are not the first and you won’t be the last.” –The Other Side Reviews

“The sound of Constant Coogan brings to mind images of warm, bright sunshine, hope and the promise of adventure that only southern California has to offer.” –New Music Inferno