International Publicity—Music Launch Summit (Summer/Fall 2016)

Leave your mark on the world


In the Summer of 2016 we launched a campaign with Music Launch Hub for the first ever Music Launch Summit—the largest online summit of its kind in the music industry. The summit featured Master Classes with over 40 industry experts from across the world including Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic), Jennie Sager (Twitter), Rodney Holder (MusicBusiness Facts), Andrew Apanov (WeSpin), Budi Voogt (Heroic Recordings), and Ian Clifford (Make It In Music).


The Summit featured something for everyone, with opportunities to learn from esteemed musicians and industry folks alike, making it ideal for musicians and industry professionals. Because of this, our reach was wide and we approached an array of music blogs and podcasts, regardless of genre focus, and were able to secure press in a variety of places.


In the mere 6-weeks the campaign ran, we secured over 30+ features ranging from interviews, news pieces, guest blogs, and a series of exclusive videos that featured behind the scenes tips that readers could expect to hear more about in the Summit. Each feature aimed to draw in the audience with knowledge and strategy, offering insight from the Summit’s host, Steve Palfreyman. Placements included features on Sonicbids, Music Industry Inside Out, Mind Equals Blown, Vents Mag, Indie Minded, Mismatch.TV, Punk in Wonderland, Brash Mag, Music Existence, and many more.


Press clippings: