International Publicity—Crossword (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) —2015

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Campaign Overview

In August of 2015, Toronto hip-hop artist Crossword obtained Muddy Paw PR to do a personalized PR push around his September 2015 release, XW. This included two single premieres, a music video premiere, and promotion for a stint of US east coast tour dates. The release was pushed to North American markets.


With the album released just over a month before Muddy Paw was retained, our primary focus was on the premiere of  two singles, along with the above mentioned music video and tour dates. Throughout each premiere and feature we pushed not only the new material, but encouraged the featuring of XW, for maximum exposure of all materials. Press releases and outreach was sent to media outlets across the world, with a focus on North America.


The media’s response to Crossword was tremendous—XW along with the new single & music video received widespread support from sites such as Noisey, Under the Gun Review, Cliche Mag, along with UK print magazine Jocks & Nerds, and many others. They were quick to praise the album’s innovation, talent, and underlying political messages, resulting in a slew of premieres, features, interviews and spotlights.

Press Quotes

“If you’re a regular follower of UTG, then you are likely well aware of our affinity for standout hip-hop. Though our love for all alternative genres is vast and undying, we take particular pleasure in red-hot one-liners and gut-busting bars, as few and far between as they may be.

Likewise, we couldn’t be more stoked to bring you the world premiere of Crossword‘s official video for “Fuck It x Get Faded,” a contagious, two-headed monster that perfectly flaunts the Toronto wordsmith’s impressive versatility and endless appeal.” –Under the Gun Review

“With his new hit single “She’It”, Canadian rapper Crossword has been shocking the north with his witty lyrics and bomb punch lines time and time over…He is more than just a rapper and is passionate about his wordplay and message he sends out to hip-hop fans today.” –Limerence Magazine