Meet the Muddy Paw Family

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Angela Mastrogiacomo
Founder/CEO: Boston, MA
After founding music blog Infectious Magazine in 2009, Angela soon found herself completely immersed in the world of music. After 5 years fielding press releases, coordinating artist coverage, and managing a team of 10-15 writers, she took her love of developing emerging artists to the next level with the launch of Muddy Paw PR in 2014. She now works with a roster of passionate, driven artists, and a team of talented go-getters that make the Muddy Paw family a tireless, thriving, spirited force. She has spoken on panels at SXSW, CD Baby DIY Musician Conference, Canadian Music Week, and Indie Week. She is also a proud curator of the music community Balanced Breakfast. You can find her hanging out with her border collie mix, Sawyer, eating ice cream, cozying up to a good book, or binging on her latest Netflix obsession.
CEO/Resident Adorable Dog: Boston, MA
The Muddy Dog behind Muddy Paw PR, Sawyer is an 8-year-old border collie mix who has as much energy as the day he came to Angela at just 3 months old. He spends his days actively sniffing out all the smells his neighborhood has to offer, patrolling the house against unruly neighborhood dogs, squirrels, and bad guys, and adventuring around North America. He also really enjoys peanut butter. (But I mean, who doesn't?) You can follow his adventures on Instagram @MuddySawyer
Joe Ballard
Publicity Manager: Peoria, IL
Joe Ballard is our Publicity Manager at Muddy Paw. Prior to working in PR, he got his Bachelor's degree in English/Publishing at Illinois State University and worked as the Managing Editor of music publications Mind Equals Blown and Infectious Magazine. A few of his favorite bands include Anberlin, The Beatles, The Stone Roses, and his amazing clients. Favorite people include his talented and hardworking Muddy Paw team members. In his (rare) free time you can find him watching anime, reading light novels, running, and balancing that out by enjoying new flavors of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
Erica D'Aurora
Junior Publicist (Connecticut)
A lifelong passion for music and a love for languages has landed Erica where she is today. Fueled by the desire to spread the word about amazing artists from around the world, she founded the international music blog Musical Notes Global in 2015, which then shortly and naturally led her to a career in PR. When she’s not working, you can always find her enjoying the company of her favorite artists and their latest releases, including her forever playlist staples Bruce Springsteen, Alejandro Sanz, and Laura Pausini.
Haley McGee
Marketing: California
Born and raised in the Bay Area, Haley has been a music junkie all of her life. Through her love for music, Haley found her way to Muddy Paw and a PR degree. When she isn't at work or catching some tunes, you can catch her in a coffee shop, hiking a trail, or making food.
Max Bodner
Publicity Intern (New Jersey)
Max is a new intern here at Muddy Paw. Born and raised in New Jersey, he began his journey through music early when his parents introduced him to classic bands such as Bruce Springsteen, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, and more. Inspired by bands, Max picked up numerous instruments including the guitar, bass, saxophone, and other horns. Max currently is a sophomore in the Bandier Program at Syracuse University and has turned into a multi-instrumentalist and producer of hip-hop and pop beats. At Syracuse, he is involved in organizations such as WERW, the student-run radio station on campus, and University Union, the committee responsible for planning all of the major music events on campus.
Tess Rederburg
Publicity Intern (Toronto)
Sock-sliding out of Arts Management at the University of Toronto, Tess landed just inside the doors of Muddy Paw PR, sunglasses and all (depicted above). Having previously worked in the broadcasting and film industries of Toronto, Ontario, she’s ready to get her paws muddy in music. Music is her favourite concept, her strongest suit - and she sure looks good in a tie (not depicted above). She’s a huge live performance nerd. She dreams about being a Creative Director for concert tours so regularly, that it’s clearly about to manifest before her eyes. Ask her for a music recommendation, and she’ll give you five!
Nicole Mendes
Publicity Intern (Germany)
Showing a passion for music and English studies at a young age, Nicole has always been the geek talking to herself, humming and scribbling something. After many, many years studying psychology, Nicole decided to combine her love for music and writing. In 2013, she set up the music blog The Other Side Reviews helping emerging artists share their music. Nicole has also worked with renowned UK music blogs Nexus Music Blog, Turtle Tempo, and Never Enough Notes. 
Born and bred in South Africa, she loves the sun, milk tart and braais on a Saturday afternoon.  Since leaving SA in 2006, Nicole has lived in the USA, Canada, the UK, Malta, Italy and, recently, Germany.  In her free time, she enjoys needlework, listening to audiobooks, and rewatching her favourite film Get Real.  No seriously, she's watched that film so often she can tell you the facial expressions of characters in each scene!  Her favourite artists include My Chemical Romance, Backstreet Boys and Josh Groban.