Muddy Paw PR

Meet the Muddy Paw Family

Angela Mastrogiacomo
Founder/CEO: Boston, MA
After founding music blog Infectious Magazine in 2009, Angela soon found herself completely immersed in the world of music. After 5 years fielding press releases, coordinating artist coverage, and managing a team of 10-15 writers, she took her love of developing emerging artists to the next level with the launch of Muddy Paw PR in 2014. She now works with a roster of passionate, driven artists, and a team of talented go-getters that make the Muddy Paw family a tireless, thriving, spirited force. She has spoken on panels at SXSW 2016, Indie Week 2015, and will be speaking at this year's CMW 2016. She is also a proud curator of the music community Balanced Breakfast. You can find her hanging out with her border collie mix, Sawyer, eating ice cream, cozying up to a good book, or binging on her latest Netflix obsession.
Joe Ballard
Publicity Manager: Chicago, IL
Joe Ballard is our Publicity Manager at Muddy Paw. Prior to working in PR, he got his Bachelor's degree in English/Publishing at Illinois State University and worked as the Managing Editor of music publications Mind Equals Blown and Infectious Magazine. A few of his favorite bands include Anberlin, The Beatles, The Stone Roses, and his amazing clients. Favorite people include his talented and hardworking Muddy Paw team members. In his (rare) free time you can find him playing Rocket League and FIFA, nerding out over the Song of Ice and Fire novels, and/or enjoying new flavors of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
Haley McGee
Publicity Intern: San Francisco, CA
Haley has been hopelessly in love with music her entire life, so it’s no wonder that her dream has been to work within the music industry. She found Muddy Paw PR through her best friend and got the courage one day to ask the always amazing head honcho, Angela, if she might be able to intern. Once her internship began, she was hooked and the Muddy Paw team couldn’t get rid of her. Haley loves learning about new music, listening to anything and everything she can get her hands on. Her dream is to help musicians achieve their goals and get their music heard.
Shaye DiPasquale
New Jersey
Shaye grew up at the Jersey Shore and fell in love with the thriving local music culture. At age 16, she started writing album reviews for Substream Magazine and she has been totally hooked on the music industry ever since. As a Communications major at Elizabethtown College, Shaye is studying journalism and radio. She has hosted her own college radio show for the last two years and has worked her way through the ranks to become station manager of the radio, where she is responsible for handling all of the musical events and concerts hosted on campus including studio recordings, interviews with local bands and event coordination. Shaye has interned at Rive Video, a music video production and promotions company in Red Bank, NJ and most recently, at Press Communications as a promotions assistant for three radio stations. She’s still dying to get her hands on a copy of Janis Joplin’s Pearl for her vinyl collection.
CEO/Resident Adorable Dog: Boston, MA
The Muddy Dog behind Muddy Paw PR, Sawyer is an 8-year-old border collie mix who has as much energy as the day he came to Angela at just 3 months old. He spends his days actively sniffing out all the smells his neighborhood has to offer, patrolling the house against unruly neighborhood dogs, squirrels, and bad guys, and adventuring around North America. He also really enjoys peanut butter. (But I mean, who doesn't?) You can follow his adventures on Instagram @MuddySawyer