Welcome to #Music Monday! Featuring: BACKYARD SUPERHEROES

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Welcome to #Music Monday! Featuring: BACKYARD SUPERHEROES

December 16, 2019 Features 0

By: Nick Manduley

Central New Jersey ska-punks Backyard Superheroes have swooped in and saved us from the same hum-drum holiday music we’re forced to endure every year. The 8 piece skunit (ska unit) independently released a festive double-single, Let’s Get Elfed Up, on December 6th. 

The first track, “This Christmas,” is a cheeky upbeat tune about cutting out toxic people from one’s life during the holiday season. Though the high-treble guitar is a tad harsh on the ears upon the first listen, the song quickly won me over with what could possibly be the catchiest (and least annoying, as far as holiday music goes!) chorus I’ve ever heard in a Christmas song. By the time the three-and-a-half minute banger reached its end, “This Christmas” had me singing along with enthusiasm. This song is a must-hear for anyone dreading seeing a particular family member (or members) this holiday season. 

The release follows up with “Coal in My Stockings,” and from the get-go it’s clear that this song should be on every New Jerseyans holiday playlist. The track opens with a comical dialogue between a mother and son, who share a brief taylor-ham-vs.-pork-roll debate on Christmas morning before opening presents, only to find that Santa brought- you guessed it- coal. Packed with classic punk vibes and horn-section hooks, “Coal in My Stockings” is an anthemic shout-a-long for anyone less than pleased with their holiday haul. 

Let’s Get Elfed Up, along with the group’s three LP’s and 2012 EP Falling With Style, are currently available on all major streaming services.