Welcome to #Music Monday! Featuring: DESTINATION DIMENSION

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Welcome to #Music Monday! Featuring: DESTINATION DIMENSION

December 2, 2019 Features 0

Connecticut progressive metalcore outfit Destination Dimension independently released their debut EP Mantodea on October 30th. Running at just under 20 minutes, Mantodea is a soundscape of soaring harmonies and teeth-cutting riffage. The first track, “Outlander,” comes right out of the gate with a fantastical guitar riff that immediately sets the energy of the track. Guitarist Tony Nap, who is also responsible for the EP’s vibrant artwork, delivers a fantastic performance on this track. The energy carries over as the song flows directly into “Robot Tears,” which features a beautiful vocal performance from frontman Chris DaSilva against an atmospheric clean-toned verse. DaSilva’s vocals starkly contrast with bassist Jeremy Rogoz’s screamed vocals, and adds to the dynamic of the band’s sound.  

“Smoker” is a prog-powerhouse that afflicted me with a rather vicious case of stank-face. The grimey-toned bass clicks away seamlessly with drummer Chaboy Anthony’s mighty chops. That drum and bass section about 40 seconds into the track was a firm “oh shit” moment for me on this release, second only to moment I heard that catchy main riff from “Outlander.”

Mantodea draws to a close with “Schilmore” and “Exposure,” the two longer songs on this release, which clock in at just under 5 minutes and 5 and a half minutes respectively. “Schilmore” opens with big, pretty chords and switches between upbeat riffage and more relaxed, bass-driven sections, which sort of makes this track somewhat of a dynamic rollercoaster; “Exposure” is similar in this sense, creating contrast with aggressive metalcore and more psychedelic “math-y” sections. As someone who believes that good music can take you on a journey, I think “Schilmore” and “Exposure” fit that criteria quite well. 

Mantodea is now available on all major streaming platforms, along with their 2017 single, “Future Cougar.” Fans hoping to catch them in concert can roll up to Boontunes in Boonton, New Jersey on December 6th, where they will be sharing the stage with The Rocky Coasts, With Sails Ahead, The Scissorfish, and Cephalopods And Their Allies.