Welcome to #Music Monday! Featuring: SLEEPSPIRIT

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Welcome to #Music Monday! Featuring: SLEEPSPIRIT

October 14, 2019 Features 0

By: Nick Manduley

Post-hardcore quintet Sleepspirit released their debut EP Silhouettes & Whispers on May 3rd via Innerstrength Records. While the release clocks in at a brief 16 minutes, the Manchester, New Hampshire natives pack the EP to the brim with haunting melodies and heavy rock guitars.

Silhouettes opens with the vicious track “Mind Games,” which starts with an atmospheric electronic intro before diving into a monstrous wall of guitars and pounding bass fronted by an infectious lead riff. Vocalist Bobby Fitzgerald has a voice that is velvety and soulful, yet coarse and crushing; his performance on this minor key track is sure to give any emo fan flashbacks to vocalists like Umbrella Academy mastermind and ex-My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way as well as Silverstein’s Shane Todd. The release pushes forward with the second track “Jupiter,” which features clean toned delay-laden guitars and a soaring chorus. This track shows the band’s dynamic prowess; they create emotive soundscapes with atmospheric guitar tones that simultaneously contrast with and blend into a massive rock sound that could shake arenas.

“Take Me Down” is a somber mid-tempo jam that offers some powerful lyrical content that showgoers will likely be screaming back at the band: “I know everything has to end / but only in this life / can we reimagine everything?” sings Fitzgerald passionately. Silhouettes closes with the powerhouse tracks “Breaking Your Clarity” and “Final Distraction.” “Breaking” shows a bit of the band’s hip-hop and R&B influence with soulful, fast paced vocal melodies during the verses. “Final Distraction” closes the release on a heavy rock note, featuring catchy guitar riffs during the verse and pounding screamed vocals.

Silhouettes & Whispers is now available on all major streaming platforms. Fans can catch Sleepspirit November 2nd at Wally’s in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire as well as November 10th at the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub in Cambridge, Massachusetts.