How to Make The Most of an Upcoming Gig

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How to Make The Most of an Upcoming Gig

July 17, 2014 Features 0

Concert crowd at live music festivalCongrats! Your band has landed a venue. Now for the essential step: your performance. Whether opening for a well-known group or playing original songs at a bar, new bands often worry about captivating their audiences. Make a stronger impression by following these tips.

1. Exude confidence. Remember, you deserve to have this gig! Walk out on stage like a celebrity. If you make a mistake, keep going. Overwhelmed? Look at your band members, or a friend in the audience. When you finish, you should feel like you left your heart and soul (and probably sweat!) out on the stage.

2. Engage the crowd on a personal level. Make people laugh. Tell a funny story about touring. Be lovably self-depreciating. Bring up some relevant pop culture (sports, other great bands, etc.).

3. Understand the importance of your first song. Discmakers stress the significance of your initial song in their article, “Seven Ways to Captivate a Live Music Audience with Your First Song.” They recommend keeping your starting song upbeat. Begin with a longer introduction to build anticipation. This will also give you a chance to physically and mentally adjust to the limelight.

4. Sprinkle in a few cover songs. Songs with well-known lyrics keep the audience excited. Add unique flair to your covers by changing the tempo or including a drum solo. Stick with cover songs that match your genre. Then again, Grouplove covered Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” at this year’s Firefly festival. Ambitious.

5. Take a picture of the crowd, and put it on social media. Audience members will look for their picture and then follow you. More publicity!

6. Stay present. You may have exhausted your songs in rehearsal, but their exposure will be at your performance. Focus on the message you want to convey through your music and lyrics. Look at enthusiastic fans for inspiration.

7. Do something crazy. Crowd surf. Execute a weird talent. Beat box. Play percussion guitar. Your audience will recount your antics long after the show.

8. Stick around after performing. Make an aesthetically-pleasing booth. Include discounts on merchandise and a list of your social media outlets for fans to follow. Offer free food or stickers for those who sign your email list. Set up an activity such as a prize wheel.

Your fans want to feel captivated, connected, and entertained. Go give them an unforgettable performance.