A Different Kind of DJ

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A Different Kind of DJ

July 8, 2014 Features 0

Dj mixes the trackYou may not know how to spin or how to mix beats. Still, there’s no denying your crowd-pleasing song selections. You deserve recognition! That’s why we coined a new phrase: the “casual DJ.” Here are 10 signs that you might be a casual DJ:

1. You listen to a variety of music. You have your rock for jamming, reggae for lounging on the beach, and dance music for working out. When people show you new music, you listen intently. Who cares if they discovered a song first? Casual DJs can’t afford to be hipsters!

2. On road trips, your friends usually put you in charge of the tunes. Although you might cry internally when they talk over your favorite guitar solo. If another casual DJ occupies the back seat, get ready for a little drama.   (Especially if you two are related.)

3. Back in the day, you made mixed CDs for birthday presents. Recipients highly anticipated your CDs because you catered to their specific preferences. Bonus points if you wrote the song titles on the silvery surface in Sharpie.

4. You have created the perfect workout playlist. And a relaxing one. And a driving one…

5. Casual parties are your calling. Who hires a DJ when you are available?

6. You know how to customize music for specific gatherings. You throw in some Sinatra for family dinners, and top 40 for parties involving all ages and tastes. (“Happy” by Pharrell Williams will lift any crowd’s spirits.)

7. Using Pandora or Spotify to entertain a group? You call that lazy. (Unless, of course, you really love a particular station or playlist.)

8. You always look for mash-up opportunities. You may be found scheming when you hear a generic song on the radio. If you haven’t tried this already, check out the countless songs you can glean from one simple chord progression here!

9. You have the perfect song for any life situation. Breakup? You know whether to bring out “I Will Always Love You” or songs of the “Ridin’ Solo” variety.

10. Finally, you support your fellow casual DJ. You might give him a dynamite song suggestion or pay him a compliment. Because in the end, you both know that there’s no better feeling than watching people light up and sing along to your music.