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Who Are We?

In short, Muddy Paw is a company born out of passion. Out of a raw, innovative desire to promote the people and companies we believe in, and to constantly challenge the status quo in an effort to change not only the careers of those we work with, but the industry as a whole. Are we ambitious? You could say that. But what's life without a bit of that so-crazy-it-just-might-work motivation?

Founded in 2013 by blogger turned publicist, Angela Mastrogiacomo, Muddy Paw takes years of music blog experience and brings that expertise to each and every campaign. We believe that each artist deserves individual, one on one attention combined with a unique strategy that fits what they do. No two artists are alike, and because of that, no two campaigns should be alike. We cater our outreach to the artist's style, personality, and taste, because we believe that kind of attention to detail is paramount to a successful career. Because of this, we incorporate personalized pitches into the majority of our outreach, sending press releases only for major announcements. In fact, all of our pitches are personally crafted to the individual outlet. It is this approach that has resulted in successful placements on Alternative Press, Substream, idobi, New Noise Magazine, and resulted in our clients going on to play Warped Tour, So What?! and receive major licensing deals.

The Muddy Dog Behind Muddy Paw

The Muddy Dog Behind Muddy Paw

Meet Sawyer. A border collie/spaniel mix with boundless energy, never ending curiosity, and a major hunger for life (and peanut butter). He's more than just the company mascot. He's the inspiration behind our name, and my (Angela)'s best friend.